Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tale of Two People Registering for Their Wedding

Last week I took one of the last "vacation" trips to Lawton to visit Matt, and I more than ever, I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY THIS INCREDIBLE MAN!!! Seriously, the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is not just a cute play on words, it's the truth! I can't wait to be able to be with him everyday! To be able to wake up and know that I'll be able to see him in the morning and hang out with him during the day! I can't wait to marry my BEST FRIEND! Long distance has definitely made me appreciate our time together much more than most couples do.
As nice as this trip was, it probably was one of the busiest we've ever had! The first day I got there it was Matt's birthday, so we met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins who treated us to a delicious Italian dinner at Zios! Side Note for Utahns: Zios is an Italian restaurant chain that is authentic and delicious as it gets! Mmmmm mmm good! Afterwards, we went to a Red Hawks game where the guy who played Chewy Chubaca on Star Wars threw the first pitch! We were excited?! Not really, but it's fun to pretend! Haha I guess it's just one of those things that adds a cool twist to the story. We didn't get home til late and were exhausted the next day!

Day #2-7 were event-filled and we got so much accomplished! This includes: Engagement pictures, pre-marital counseling, gift registry, house cleaning and we even came up with a few renovating/decorating ideas to transform Matt's bachelor pad into a home! I can't wait! We even managed to fit in a motorcycle ride up to Mt. Scott, a couple post-birthday celebrations, two college graduations and a few too many trips to Olive Garden! But of all the things we did during the week, there were two that stuck out as my favorite:

Number one would have to have been taking our engagement pictures. For those of you who have never been to Oklahoma in the spring, you're missing out on some of God's most beautiful paintings! Everything was so green and colorful, parts of it seemed surreal! Justin, one of Matt's youth, took the pictures for us and they turned out so great! I'll be posting them as soon as they're done being edited. To check out more of his work, go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinmphotography/.

The grand finale and favorite memory of the entire trip would have to be registering for gifts together. It was so fun picking out things for our new home! Matt and I both love to cook so picking out kitchen appliances was quite an adventure! Who knew they had so many things out there to cook with?! We started out at JC Penney, then made it to Dillards, and finally ended up at WalMart...and that's where we're going to break for story time.

And now it's time for "A Tale of Two People Registering for Their Wedding"....the part of the blog where Marcie tells a story that could or could not be based on real events.
Once upon a time, a boy and girl decided to get married, and as they were registering for all the necessities for their castle (laundry baskets, hangers, towels, etc.) in a land known as WalMart, nature called and the girl had to hurry off to find the room where people rest. Well, by the girl leaving, it left her wonderful fiancee in charge of the scanner gun. So while she was laiden in the restroom, the boy had a brilliant idea to surprise the girl and sneak off to the department of electronics and register for the "necessities" to fill their castle. In the boy's mind, "necessities" included a 55" flat screen tv so his princess could relax her eyes while watching tv, a playstation and wii so the boy could practice for battle in the game of halo and wii sports, and blue-ray system, well, because blue is his favorite color! But in order to keep it a surprise for his fair lady, he made sure he was back in the home section before she returned from the room of the bath. However, the boy forgot to hide one thing from his lady, he forgot to hide the eyes that can never lie! For once the girl saw them, he could lie no longer and admitted to all the super-speedy scanning. The girl insisted that people weren't going to take them seriously if they registered for those type of "necessities", but then concluded that boys will always love and need their electronics. They kissed and then continued scanning. After they got done scanning what the girl thought were the real necessities, the young man wanted to head over to the tool section to, in his words, "make sure they got all of the things they'll need for the room of the baths." The girl agreed and followed. However, any man and a wiser girl could have guessed that bathroom tools were the last thing that got scanned....but every other tool set that they passed on the way sure did! The girl started in again, pleading with him to stop all the madness, for indeed this was not a birthday registry! The girl stood little chance, for there in the aisle with them stood two other men of the WalMart land. All of them agreed with the boy that "tools are a necessity for the castle." The girl did not understand, for there at their home was a stable (or garage) full of tools that the man used. But once again, she conclued that just like the electronics, boys love their toys. But she loved the boy, oh so much, that she relented and kissed him, and the two kept on scanning. The End.

I'll let you decide if the story is real or not. But I'll give you a clue...it's real. Haha :) Engagement pictures to come!
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