Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweating Roses

Let me just explain something to you about's hot.....and humid.....and summer seems like it's never ending {especially last summer}!
So for a runner's heart like mine, that means that my favorite hobby becomes 1,000 times more difficult! But as my girl Kelly would say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :) So stronger it is. Luckily, this year hasn't been too bad yet, and today was extra cloudy, which I love!!! But it was also very humid. And I'll just be honest, when I get sweaty, it's nothing pretty. My face makeup runs off of my face and I break out in this weird heat rash {that only happens in OK} and I stink. Is that a good visual?? It should be.
{sorry for the blurrrr!!!!}
So there I was today, me and my sweaty self running along, when I pass these two girls jogging past and I catch a whiff of something.....something.....something that smells a lot like roses and a lot unlike me! 
I stop running. 
Say what?! smell like roses! {That was said in my very gangster voice. Notice how I left off the  "l" in girl?? Yep. I'm legit. Legit gangster, that is.}
How in the world do you smell like roses in a place like this....while running none the less!? I slowed my run for a while while I pondered this thought. It would seriously take me dousing myself in a bottle of perfume before and a couple times during in order to smell like roses during a run. 
Then I started questioning my womanhood....
Okay, not really. That last part was a lie. But it bugged me.
Just like the girls that get all ready {hair, makeup, etc.} in the morning before their 5 a.m. workout. I don't understand those girls! Why get all ready when you're going to have to shower afterwards and repeat the process all over again?? I have a hard enough time doing the getting ready process once a day, let alone twice! But maybe those same girls are the ones who sweat roses and don't have to worry about showering after because they perspire glitter and loveliness! The only time the gym ever sees my face with a shred of makeup is when I go after work. And even then, most of it has melted off.
So this is my question, if you're one of the my-pheromones-smell-like-a-bouquet-of-roses girls, please tell me your secret!!!! I'm sure my husband would appreciate a less smelly version of me when I get home. Poor guy, it's the first time he gets to see me at the end of the day and I always end up managing to look less than lovely! Good thing he's my prisoner of love. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello long-lost lovelies!!
Has it really been {longer than} a week already?!
My, time flies!
To be quite honest, I've been on a vacay hangover the last couple days. 
{And FYI, that has nothing to do with alchy.} 
Pretty much all it means is that I've been hit hard in the face with reality. 
OUCH!! That never feels good.
But you know what does feel good? This. Blogging.
So I will be spending the next few days catching you up on my adventures and also catching up on yours!  
Here's a summed up explanation on my absence:

I took this
to go here
to see these
and meet her!

I also had quite a few coffees along the way.

What did I miss?!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Okie Pride

So this is my very favorite outfit right now!! Isn't it funny how the simplest pieces work their way in to the front of your closet? Anyway, I thought I needed to show a little Oklahoma pride. I talk a lot about how much I miss the mountains {I miss them terribly!!!}, but Oklahoma has some beauty of it's own to offer. Our engagement pictures are proof of that. So in keeping with the theme {which is, Oklahoma}, I just had to include some of the awesome greenery and colors that come along with an Oklahoma spring. These little wild flowers are just too much for my happy heart!

Also, I have to introduce you to a very special lady in my car. Her name is Trixie and we have had many adventures together....both good and not-so-good! Even she is sporting some OK gear. This is really not her choice, though. The second my car's tires tip-toed their way into Oklahoma, husband thought it was necessary to replace my front license plate with an Oklahoma State one. This is no reflection on me or Trixie because both of our hearts bleed the crimson red that is the University of Utah {school pride...woot, woot!}. However, Trixie's driver {me} is too lazy to change the plate. So until the day comes that OSU and U of U have to play each other, we can have two teams. But believe me, if that day ever comes, it's on like donkey-kong and orange is flying out the window!
My sweet Matt is always such a dear to take blog pictures for me. As soon as he walks through the door from work on Saturdays, I'm there waiting for him, batting my eyes with camera in hand! Sometimes I have to use pixie dust to get him to come, but most days he graciously indulges me. This time though, he deserves an extra cookie for being my built-in photographer! See how green everything is in these pictures?? That's because it rains a lot here in the spring. There is another thing that comes with the rain....bugs.....loads of them!!! Especially mosquitos. In between camera clicks, we were waving our arms and smacking our legs! I even had to smack a tick off.....ewwwwwww!!!! After that, I was itching all over and insisted on a full body check when we got home. We also had a close call with poison ivy. Luckily, I have a keen eye and sixth sense that helps me prevent disasters like that from happening! I really should be part of The Avengers.
Shirt & Bandeau {Must Stash}, Earrings {UO}, Shorts {Buckle}, Shoes {Similar}

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Best Mom's Day Gift....Ever!!

Today has been the greatest Mother's Day yet!
Simply because she arrived today:
The little niece that I've been talking about has finally made her appearance! And my sister did it all natural! She's one strong lady. Just like my mom. 
I am SOOOO in love with this little face!!! 
And in only a few days I will be holding that sweet little bundle that is,
Cambria Rose.
Simply said, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
The fam has been warned that I will not be sharing.

Hope you and all had as happy of a mother's day as we did! :)
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I am so happy to see you! You are literally the prettiest day of the week and I always look forward to your 5 o'clock {p.m. that is} alarm letting me know I'll have a couple days to wear whatever I want {or don't want} and act like a crazy gypsy! Thank you!! Dear Oklahoma, your allergies are kicking my butt and it's not appreciated. But thank you for all the rain and lush and pretty! Dear husband, let's go watch The Avengers again!! And can you pleeeeeeease let me hire someone to do family pictures?! The girls won't stop bugging me about wanting to see themselves in their new rhinestone necklaces {collars}! And I need an excuse to go shopping. Dear Cambria {my future niece}, you are 4 days past your due date and driving me crazy! Every time my phone rings or vibrates, I'm convinced you're on your way! But you do have the cutest little heartbeat....I've been listening to it over and over again. I can't wait to meet you!!! You are already so very loved! Dear Technology, thank you for allowing me to hear my niece's heart beat on my cell phone. I'm thinking of making it my ring tone?? Or writing a beat-boxing song. So fly.
Dear Utah, in only a few short days, we will be reunited!!! This will be my first time that you will see Matt and I visiting as husband and wife! Please be nice to him, I'd really like to move back. Oh, and please tell my niece to arrive in time for my arrival. Not all of us have the luxury of living in a uterus for 9 months!

This next week holds so many new adventures! Have I mentioned that my niece is due to arrive?! I'm so in love with that little peanut! I feel like my sister is a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment! Ok, maybe not explode, but I'm not sure what else you would call pushing an 8 lb human out of your fancy lady. Explode is the closest thing I could think of. I can't wait to be her aunt!!! I'm still trying to think of a cool "aunt" nickname, though. I need something that says, "Cool, funny and will give you all the candy you want {before I send you back to your mother}".....suggestions??

Oh and p.s. my best friend took this picture! Pretty awesome, right?! She fly.


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Domesticated Love

It has been quite a busy week!
But I must say, we've thoroughly enjoyed it!
Let me back track and tell you about Matt's birthday....
First, Matt is super easy to please, and despite my offer to bake him any dessert he wanted, he insisted that the only birthday dessert he wanted was a store bought cookie cake. {Not sure if that's a bad reflection on my cooking??} Easy enough.  So off to the store I went, and found him {what I initially thought was} a lovely cookie cake! Well I paid for the cake and hadn't take two steps out the door when the cake fell off of the cart and smashed the icing around the edges! Boooooooooo!!!!! I felt super bad, but was hoping that I could repair it enough that the smeared icing wouldn't be too noticeable. And that's when I discovered that the balloons on his cake {pictured below. Notice the sad icing on the sides!}....

...looked a lot like these guys......

{Those are sperm, in case you missed the correlation.}

Yes folks, I had bought him a {smashed} sperm cake. Lovely.
I had also attempted to bake him some blueberry muffins that ended up a little more burned than what most people like. Another lovely.
Have I mentioned that I'm superrrrrr domestic?? I'm such a good wife. {Cough, cough. Sarcasm} 
I was having flash-backs of our first Christmas together. But just like then, Matt was so sweet and never made me feel bad about any of these silly mistakes. I really lucked out with him.

Not only was it my husband's birthday this week, but another very important holiday {one of my very favorites}, Cinco de Mayo!!! I love this holiday for the mere fact that it's another excuse to eat Mexican food. I'm not really even sure what else we're supposed to be celebrating {Mexico, maybe??}, but I'm just glad it involves eating good food! And that we did. We had a delicious meal on the river and ended the night by watching "The Avengers" {which, by the way, was the BEST movie we've seen in a very long time. I totally recommend it!!!}.

And I know Sunday is technically supposed to be the first day of the week, but I've always thought of it as the last day. With that being said, we ended our week by going to an awesome marriage conference that was sponsored by our church!

Matt and I are committed to not only having a marriage that outlasts all of life's ups and downs, but having a great and passionate marriage that outlasts all of life's ups and downs! No matter what stage of life you are in with your marriage, marriage conferences are always a good reminder of how to encourage your spouse and create an awesome foundation for your relationship. {I'll be recapping on some of the things they talked about in future posts!}

Sorry for the long recap! 
How has your week been?!
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