Monday, April 25, 2011

sometimes all it takes is a look back...

And attempt at finding humor in {an all but normal} week.

Sometimes, when you're having the craziest {and I do mean craziest} of days, all it takes is a look back to help lighten the mood and find a reason to laugh at yourself {and the situation}. Well this is my look back at an accumulation of those days {seven or eight to be specific}, so here we go!
Matt and I have been the parents {some say owners} of two very sweet and spunky dogs for about eight months now {six for Piper}. Lola and Piper have been the source of so many laughs and fun times....but we didn't realize everything that we were signing up for when we decided to get two larger sized dogs.  Let's just say the movies Marley and Me and Beethoven were not at all an exaggeration of the things that happen when you own {big} dogs!  Not only do they tend to push over {or run over} everything in their path of hyper running, but they also tend to chew up everything {and I do mean EVERYTHING} that they can get their little paws on!

two pairs of slippers
one $120 shirt {for the record, it was given to Matt for free}
two pairs of shoes
one limited edition OSU cowboys hat
one winter cap {knit especially for Matt by his grandmother}
four doggie beds
two couch pillows
two couch cushions
one lawnmower cord {thus disabling the lawnmower}
one door screen
one rain gutter
*four tree limbs 
countless socks
two large quilts
*four towels
*three matchbox cars
*one blue tooth
*one tv remote
*two dvd cases
*one video game {two days after Matt bought it}
*half a wall {yes, an interior wall}

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Most Beautiful Face

Easter is upon us yet again! But before we get caught up in all the hubbub of the easter bunny, easter egg hunts and that new dress you've been waiting for an excuse to buy.....let's all just pause for a minute and remember the real beauty of this day. The beauty that came when a perfect Savior came and gave his life so that we might have life {life in abundance}. I can't even grasp the love that my sweet Jesus had for you and I when he was on that cross! That while he was up there, he was picturing my face and your face.  He was even picturing the face of that person you don't like! Yes, he pictured their face as well.  He pictured the face of those that would reject him. And still, he loved them. Oh what a deep and sweet love our Jesus has for us!! It brings me to tears just thinking about it! The greatest thing about about this day is that we're not just celebrating the death that brought us life, but we're celebrating the power that death could not hold down! Jesus defied everything in both his life and death when he rose from the grave.....all because of love. A love for me. A love for you. And a love for them. A love for us.
This sounds silly, but I've really been praying that those of you who read this will somehow be touched by the irresistible and life-changing love that God offers us in his sweet son, Jesus!  This holiday isn't about some religious fact I don't think God ever intended for any part of our relationship with him to be ritualistic or religious! He wants our relationship with him to be real and tangible!  Even if it means that some days, when it's been the crappiest of days, you don't have to fake praying or conversation with him, you can just sit back and be still and know that He's okay with just sitting there with you! God is a real God and He is sooooo unbelievably good and head-over-heals in love with you that we'll never be able to comprehend it! This is a longer post than I intended, but Jesus' love has been the source of my real living and I get so excited talking about it!! So if you have time, watch the first movie and be open to letting God say something to you or stir up something inside of you {even if it's an emotion}!  I believe God can speak to us in many more ways than just the Bible or prayer.  After that, play this second video but don't even watch it {minimize the screen if you have to}....just listen to the words.  This song is so special to me {we even used it in our wedding!} and for me it's been a way to visualize the intensity and depth of love that Jesus carries for us!
I hope you have a very HAPPY HAPPY EASTER!! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fab Five Favs {for summer}

I need to preface this first one with this thought: I never thought I would EVER wear lipstick!! I've always been a chapstick and occasional lip gloss kind of girl.  But ever so slowly I've been expanding my views and have since dipped my feet into the pool of lipstick colors!  It started with the ever-so-scandalous red lipstick a few months ago and since then I've discovered this awesome lip color by Mac! Welcome to my lips Vegas Volt! A great summer-esque shade {coral...right in between bright pink and orange} that will look so great once my body turns a shade of tan! Ahhh....I'm sooo ready for summer to be here!
Like it?? Get it here!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

nesting {the headboard edition}

Isn't it funny how you appreciate things so much more when you don't have them?? Well the past few weeks I've been appreciating having our own home. Not because we're homeless or anything {don't fret yourself}, but because since moving to Tulsa, we had to leave our {sweet little} housy back in Lawton and move in with the in-laws until our house sold and we could buy a place of our own here.  Now we have everything we need and my in-laws have been so sweet about letting us live with them, but it's just not the same as having your own home {a place to ooze domestic creativity}!
I've been in a sort of nesting mode {and no, I'm not pregnant. Sorry mom!} lately! I'm coming up with all these crafty ideas to do in our {future} home and I get so excited about it!!! There will probably be many more of these posts to come, but I like to call this one the "headboard edition."  Matt and I already have an absolutely gorgeous bedroom set that his dad built us {and when I say gorgeous, I really do mean the craftsmanship doesn't get any better than this!}, but our guest bedroom is severely lacking in that area.  And since Matt gets his own man-cave which he gets to decorate with all his OSU/Dallas Cowboys/boy stuff, I get to decorate the guest bedroom with girly stuff! {For the record, he said he needed a "man-cave" because I took over the rest of the house. Oops! Sorry, honey! Hehe :)} My starting place with the guest bedroom is a headboard. I figured if I could find out what kind of headboard I want, it will determine the "feel" that I want to achieve in the rest of the room. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confessions of a Newlywed

Me and Matt were talking the other day and reminiscing on how much we've changed even in the few short months that we've been married! How we are SOOOOO much more comfortable with each other now than we ever were while we were dating. Granted, engagements loosen things up a little bit, but nothing like marriage. When you're dating, any sort of bodily function is out of the question {ewwww!}. But when you're married, it's not even a question. It's all out on the table. Nice at some times, not so nice at others.

But this isn't one of those posts where I'm going to brag on marriage {I think it's A.W.E.S.O.M.E. awesome, awesome, Awesome, hey! That was a cheer where you spell out the first part and read the rest.} or how great {incredible.wonderful.inspiring} my husband is {even though I LOVE to do that!}. No. This is one of those posts where I'm talking to myself

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway / Coupon Code

Alright ladies, you've already heard me list Shabby Apple as one of my 7 MOST FAVORITE things, but here's a chance for you to win one of their dresses {the Cider Dress - shown above}! Head on over here and leave a comment on Jess's blog {make sure it's on the post about the Shabby Apple giveaway}. She gives you 11 chances to win  {say what?!} and a 10% off coupon! Things are looking up and lovely today! Happy Thursday!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

31 bits: the greatest thing since jewelry

I've been obsessing over this company for quite some time for multiple reasons, but now I feel like I finally have enough time to adequately share it with you with as much enthusiasm as I've been feeling!! Welcome to my list of favorites 31 Bits! But let me start from the beginning....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Black Bean Burritos: yummy, fast, healthy, DELISH!!

Today was one of those crazy days. The ones where you're busy running errands, making appointments and finishing yard work just in time for dinner. And usually on those days, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking {cold cereal usually ends up being our dinner...poor husband}. However, with my father-in-law being on a new diet, there's only certain things he can eat {and sadly, cold cereal is not on that list}.  And being that it was a warmer spring day {oh 80 degrees, how I love you!}, I didn't want to fix anything too warm or heavy.  It's days like today that my most favorite {fast, healthy and absolutely delicious!} recipe comes into play! My mom and I found this recipe while watching the news one morning and have loved it ever since! Even my husband {a carnivore by nature} enjoys this vegetarian meal! If you knew him, you would know that speaks volumes!!! So without any further adieu, I present to you.......

Black Bean Burritos
Makes 4 servings {with some leftovers!}
Preparation/cook time: 15-20 minutes

Monday, April 04, 2011

a world of {endless} possibilities

So you'll probably find out sooner or later, but I have a {very big} weakness for magazines....specifically fashion magazines! Matt sometimes indulges my obsession and surprises me with one of those lovely stacks of paper! They're full of nothing good for me, I'm sure, but I can't help myself! I call it "keeping up with current events". Anyway, about two weeks ago I saw the cutest picture of Rihanna wearing a big scarf bow in her hair and I've become totally OBSESSED with learning about different ways to wear scarves ever since! Thank goodness for youtube, which provides some of the greatest tutorials! And today, I thought I would put one of my new-found favorites to the test! I like to call it "My 1920s Flapper Tendency". Here's that and one of my favorite tutorials. Watch and learn ladies! :)

Which one is your favorite?!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

just some thoughts {on moving}

I have a b.b. {short for "blogging buddy"}. And no, it's not my husband...he sometimes claims to be a b.w. {short for "blog widow"}, but don't worry your little heart, he'll survive! Anyway, my b.b. {blogging buddy} would be my sweet dog, Piper! And yes, she is the one previously mentioned in my morning cup of coffee. {As a side note, I no longer want to list her on Craig's list!} Piper has so lovingly taken it upon herself to keep me company while I write all my thoughts out on my computer! Right at this moment, she is fast asleep right beside me. Usually she gets jealous of my laptop and decides she needs to be the one sitting on my lap. Needless to say, Piper usually wins and I end up with my laptop not on my lap {as the description of it specifies}, but on the arm-rest of our couch. FYI: It's much easier to type when it's on my lap. Spoiled dog? I would say yes. But how can you say no to this face?!
In other news, Matt and I made the move to Tulsa and have already set up our mini
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