Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fab Five Favs {for summer}

I need to preface this first one with this thought: I never thought I would EVER wear lipstick!! I've always been a chapstick and occasional lip gloss kind of girl.  But ever so slowly I've been expanding my views and have since dipped my feet into the pool of lipstick colors!  It started with the ever-so-scandalous red lipstick a few months ago and since then I've discovered this awesome lip color by Mac! Welcome to my lips Vegas Volt! A great summer-esque shade {coral...right in between bright pink and orange} that will look so great once my body turns a shade of tan! Ahhh....I'm sooo ready for summer to be here!
Like it?? Get it here!

One too many times I've woke up with eyes that barely look like they're open.  I'm talkin' bags that are carrying way more than I ever bought!! So it's on those days that this little container comes in very handy! My eyes Mary Kay's Soothing Eye Gel! It's like a breath of fresh air on your face in the morning! Sometimes in the summer I put it in the refrigerator for an extra blast of "wake-up"! Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I will say that it made my favorite things list for a's absolutely delightful!! Get it here.

Currently, as far as smells go, this is my favorite summer smell! It's a combination of a fresh fruity apricot with a soft romantic hint. Perfect for summer nights! 
Want a new smell?? Get it here

This one really doesn't need an explanation. You see it....need I say more?! CUTEEEEE!! I really think two of these dresses belong in my closet. And when I say two, I mean one in each color!! {It also comes in navy blue!}  Free People dress, I really wish you would pay for yourself! 
Get it here.

And last {but certainly not least}, my favorite breakfast! I like to think of it as a home-made parfait. 
1 blueberry yogurt + Go Lean Crunch! Added in = Healthy, filling & yummy breakfast! Mmm, mmm good!

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Denice Erway said...

I am so a MAC girl. Love it! and that pinky coral is my favorite shade for summer. I wear it on my toes almost exclusively all summer long...goes with everything. I need to try that lipstick!

Miss you!

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