Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easy-Peasy Guacamole Heezy

The girls and I were talking about vacations today....about umbrella drinks, big hats and guacamole....all things poolside! So of course, what do I crave the rest of the day?? Guacamole, of course! But not the guacamole that comes in a packet from the store, guacamole that has all things fresh! So here's what I came up with:

Easy-Peasy Guacamole Heezy
{Don't ask about the name...there really is no rhyme or reason. Okay, I lied. There is a rhyme. But definitely no reason.}
Ingredients {i.e. The Goods}:
1 Avocado
1 Small Tomato
1 Clove Minced Garlic
1/2 Tsp Lime Juice
1/4 Tsp Salt

Directions {kind of overrated.}:
Cut and core avocado. Scoop into bowl.
Wash and dice tomato. Add to avocado mixture.
Stir until avocado has a smooth .
Mince garlic and add to mixture. Stir.
Add lime juice.
Salt to taste

See?? I told you! Easy-peasy! The best part is that this takes 10 minutes from start to finish. Aaaand is a mean competitor to any restaurant style guac! The other best part? Everything is fresh and natural! Farewell guac packs! You will not be missed.

Have some leftover avocado? Try this. Your face {and you} can thank me later.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coffee Talk

Today was one of those mornings.
One of those mornings when you're exhausted from the not sleeping and then sleeping too long.
One of those mornings when you're running late already, only to finally get in your car and spill  breakfast all over your lap.
Out of the car I go.
A change of clothing is in order.
And later still.
To work I go.
Then, a magical thing happens.
The magic that comes from a sip of that cool, leather looking liquid we call "Joe".
The world comes to a pause.
And one of those mornings disappears.
And the day is brand new.
And now, today is a day of big hair, feather earrings and oversized glasses.
Thank heaven for Joe.

Yes, friends. This is how much I love coffee. That I would dedicate an entire post to nothing else.
Happy Thursday!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Peachy with a side of Mondays

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who woke up this morning and wondered if I was in the movie "Groundhog Day".
Mostly because it felt like Monday came twice this week.
This thought kept happening over and over again today.
But then, I would remind myself that it was not, in fact, Monday, and Friday was right around the corner! Things got real peachy then!
So in a sense, we really get two Fridays!
I was superrrrrr happy about that thought.
But not quite as happy as I was Tuesday night.
Mostly because I didn't have to work the next day.
Mostly because husband didn't have to work the next day.
And mostly because I had a hotttttt date that night {husband}.
We got real crazy and stayed up past 9:30 {pm, that is}!
We had been hearing so much about this thing called Night Life that we figured we should try it out for ourselves.
We did.
It was pretty good. Mostly because we had awesome company. And mostly because we saw the new Spiderman movie. 
Not even going to lie, I couldn't figure out if I had more of a crush on the guy playing Spiderman or Emma Stone. It was darn good!
She's so great! Classically great. I may be in love with her.
But I have come to the conclusion that I like early mornings much more than late nights.
I'm officially a senior citizen.
Does that mean I get a discount now??
Oh hey, remember when I told you about how brave husband and I were trying something new? Oh yeah....we're cray-cray!
Well I told him I have a new life motto. It's called "Don't knock it before you try it."
I figured this was a much better motto than my last one, which was "Say I'll never do things and then end up doing them."
Say I'll never have a long distance relationship......then date and marry a boy that lives 1,500 miles away.
Say I'll never move to Oklahoma.....then hear that song played at every major event while I live in Oklahoma.
Say I'll never move in with my in-laws.....then wake up to Matt's parents' smiling faces every morning.
I think you get the idea.
I either needed a new motto, or just needed to start saying that I'll never do things that I actually want to do.
I chose the former. I'm far too afraid of saying "never" anymore.
In honor of that new motto, I tried something that I told a dear deary of mine, was disgusting.
This dear, who shall remain nameless, had a habit of peeing in the shower.
Yes, you read me right.
Peeing in the place where you're supposed to be getting clean.
{And she wondered why I wore flip flops in public showers??}
I know, I'm totally grossed out writing this.
But you're about to be more grossed out by what I did.
I, Marcie, a confessed germaphobe, did the unsanitary.
I she-sheed in a place that only should be welcoming only soap and fruity shower essence.
I peed in the shower.
And it was disgusting.
Mostly because you're peeing on yourself {what I wouldn't give to be able to have some kind of aim}.
And mostly because the steam in the shower makes everything smell like urine.
But don't worry.
I bleached the bejevees out of that shower.
Because that was a disgusting idea.
But I'm only allowed to knock it, because I tried it.
So, my nameless dear, I will never understand your justification of this action.
But I do applaud you for your bravery.

So now it's your turn.....what have you been illegally "knocking" without first trying?? 

I leave you with these beautiful {blurry iphone} pictures of fireworks from last night.
Because baby, you're a firework!

Monday, July 02, 2012

And then there were three....

I guess this is usually how people announce they're pregnant??
What a cute idea!
Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there's none of that water in this house.
But, I did have the sweetest little dream the other night that I wanted to share with you!
So, Matt and I have a big dream of adopting one day.
It's a dream that's been stirring for quite a while. 
In fact, before I got married, my dream was to go over to Africa and work with orphans.
That dream is still there, but has taken on a different form.
Matt and I would like to do international adoption. 
Now,  I understand a lot of people turn to adoption because they aren't able to have any children of their own. However, that is not the case with me and Matt.
We want to adopt because, well, we want to adopt!
Simple as that!
It's part of our heart. Part of who we are.
So the other night, I had a dream about the sweetest little eighteen month old African boy. He had the biggest little cheeks that were perfect for kissing! And in my dream, I just knew that this little boy I was holding was mine. Man, oh man, was I in love with him! I remember just crying when I looked down at him, I was so in love! It was the most incredible thing!
I truly believe it was God's way of reassuring me of all the dreams that he planted deep inside our hearts!
One of my favorite blogs to follow right now is Rachelle over at Treasures Over The Rainbow. She and her husband are in the final stages of adopting two little cuties from Ethiopia! Their journey has been long, nearly two years, and has required a lot of strength, patience, faith and love. It's truly inspiring and exciting! If you get a chance, stop by and leave them some love and encouragement.  Heaven knows we all need it!

Anyway, I can't wait to meet that little boy I was holding in my dreams. I've also had dreams about a little girl, so let's just say, I'm a little more than stoked to meet them one day! If you catch me on a real emotional day {which is nearly everyday}, I'll start crying just thinking about it!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite adoption stories. I literally have played this about fifty-seven times, and still cry {shocker, I know}! 
Blessings of a Burdened Heart from smith on Vimeo.
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