about {me}:hello.hola.bonjour.

So you like tea & coffee too?
I have a feeling we're going to be great friends! :)

I'm Marcie, and this blog is my ramblings.

I am a dress wearing, dog loving, {somewhat} newlywed who parted with my beautiful mountains to marry a Southern boy who {completely} captured my heart! He took my trail-running tail and planted me straight in the heart of Oklahoma {where the wind comes sweeping down the plain}! 

I live for the outdoors {hiking.snowboarding.horseback riding.trail running} but enjoy my time inside as well {small coffee shops.Audrey Hepburn movies.writing.baking.being.}. I would like to say I enjoy cooking, but I don't {maybe one or two days a week}! Sometimes I like to get a little crazy. 
I love, love, LOVE being a wifey to my Matt and dog-mom to the two sweetest darlings, Lola Bell {top} & Piper {bottom}! They truly are angels from heaven!

Grace, mercy and the love of my sweet Jesus are the source of all my passions, adventures and creativity.
I sometimes think I have a gypsy soul, always longing to go new places and try new things! 
But for now, I'm here, you're there, and the world just got a little bit smaller!

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Whitney Barrow said...

I am completely new to the blog world and am having a hard time getting started and finding good reads, however I stumbled upon yours and am in love! Seems we have a lot in common, can't wait to read more!


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