Friday, April 22, 2011

The Most Beautiful Face

Easter is upon us yet again! But before we get caught up in all the hubbub of the easter bunny, easter egg hunts and that new dress you've been waiting for an excuse to buy.....let's all just pause for a minute and remember the real beauty of this day. The beauty that came when a perfect Savior came and gave his life so that we might have life {life in abundance}. I can't even grasp the love that my sweet Jesus had for you and I when he was on that cross! That while he was up there, he was picturing my face and your face.  He was even picturing the face of that person you don't like! Yes, he pictured their face as well.  He pictured the face of those that would reject him. And still, he loved them. Oh what a deep and sweet love our Jesus has for us!! It brings me to tears just thinking about it! The greatest thing about about this day is that we're not just celebrating the death that brought us life, but we're celebrating the power that death could not hold down! Jesus defied everything in both his life and death when he rose from the grave.....all because of love. A love for me. A love for you. And a love for them. A love for us.
This sounds silly, but I've really been praying that those of you who read this will somehow be touched by the irresistible and life-changing love that God offers us in his sweet son, Jesus!  This holiday isn't about some religious fact I don't think God ever intended for any part of our relationship with him to be ritualistic or religious! He wants our relationship with him to be real and tangible!  Even if it means that some days, when it's been the crappiest of days, you don't have to fake praying or conversation with him, you can just sit back and be still and know that He's okay with just sitting there with you! God is a real God and He is sooooo unbelievably good and head-over-heals in love with you that we'll never be able to comprehend it! This is a longer post than I intended, but Jesus' love has been the source of my real living and I get so excited talking about it!! So if you have time, watch the first movie and be open to letting God say something to you or stir up something inside of you {even if it's an emotion}!  I believe God can speak to us in many more ways than just the Bible or prayer.  After that, play this second video but don't even watch it {minimize the screen if you have to}....just listen to the words.  This song is so special to me {we even used it in our wedding!} and for me it's been a way to visualize the intensity and depth of love that Jesus carries for us!
I hope you have a very HAPPY HAPPY EASTER!! :)

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