Monday, April 25, 2011

sometimes all it takes is a look back...

And attempt at finding humor in {an all but normal} week.

Sometimes, when you're having the craziest {and I do mean craziest} of days, all it takes is a look back to help lighten the mood and find a reason to laugh at yourself {and the situation}. Well this is my look back at an accumulation of those days {seven or eight to be specific}, so here we go!
Matt and I have been the parents {some say owners} of two very sweet and spunky dogs for about eight months now {six for Piper}. Lola and Piper have been the source of so many laughs and fun times....but we didn't realize everything that we were signing up for when we decided to get two larger sized dogs.  Let's just say the movies Marley and Me and Beethoven were not at all an exaggeration of the things that happen when you own {big} dogs!  Not only do they tend to push over {or run over} everything in their path of hyper running, but they also tend to chew up everything {and I do mean EVERYTHING} that they can get their little paws on!

two pairs of slippers
one $120 shirt {for the record, it was given to Matt for free}
two pairs of shoes
one limited edition OSU cowboys hat
one winter cap {knit especially for Matt by his grandmother}
four doggie beds
two couch pillows
two couch cushions
one lawnmower cord {thus disabling the lawnmower}
one door screen
one rain gutter
*four tree limbs 
countless socks
two large quilts
*four towels
*three matchbox cars
*one blue tooth
*one tv remote
*two dvd cases
*one video game {two days after Matt bought it}
*half a wall {yes, an interior wall}

*The asterisk indicates items {valuables.dear things that are required for living} that have been eaten in the last week.

I won't bore you with all the details, but I will let you know that after way too many dollars and a few vet visits later, we've discovered Lola has part of the blue tooth speakers floating around in her tummy. Not to worry, nothing that a little canned pumpkin won't fix! She still has a cough {not sure why yet} so maybe after a few more dollars and another visit with our new best friend {the vet office}, we'll find a cure!
This is part two of the story.  When we arrived back home from the vet office on Saturday, Piper {went on what can only be described as a drunken rage!} and decided to eat up more of the wall {which she has already been chewing on} and eat  up our tv remote {to the point that it wasn't recognizable}. A true electronic blood bath. It really is a wonder that they're still alive {especially after she had just chewed up Matt's video game two days before}!! I finally was able to talk Matt out of selling {or killing} them....but I don't know how {or if} I'm going to be able to talk him out of it after what I came home to today.....

{and in case you're wondering, that would be ANOTHER couch cushion!} 
Now the real question is....who wants to tell my husband?????
Heaven help the Weiszbrod house tonight.

Any dog stories to help us feel better?!


Countrylivn' said...

Oh dear Marcie! I hope he (Matt) takes it well! You guys may as well 5 children, I think we have had almost all of the same items destroyed.....not quite to your extent though. Good thing they are cute! and good luck!

sully said...


Dogs don't quit "teathing" until about 9 or 10 months! & it looks like you may have some puppy anxiety showing itself there too. (dogs are pack animals & you two are part of that pack).
here is some advice- get two big "cage" kennels and put them up in the house side by side. they are pricey but cheeper than constant vet visits. Now as the ALFA, you & matt have to start training your dear little girls to "kennel up". this works really well with a can of veinna sausages.
put one in the back of each kennel and when they are in, shut the door. Then turn the radio on to classic music and go check the mail. When you get back, let them out and praise, praise, praise!!
Do this a few times, even if you have to force them in, until they learn to do it on their own. leaving them for longer each time until they can stay in for the leanth of church or what ever. Never leave the t.v. on, that has to many distracting sounds, just the radio to clasic music & don't leave chews or toys in there unless you are home. Believe me, once they are kennal trained, life will settle down. & you are great to exercise them! puppyhood usually ends at 18 months. it may seem long but this is baby, toddler, tween, teen stage all rolled into one!

Carol said...

Marci, a big sigh or sound of despair came out of my voice. I will pray for you. But I would probably do what Matt is thinking. Find them a good home out in the counry where the river rolls and the squirrels live..\
Love, Carol

Marcie {and sometimes Matt} said...

You all are so sweet! Amber....I talked to Matt today about all that and I really think we're going to try it! Because really, something's gotta give!! Haha!
And Carol, I go back and forth with that idea, but honestly, I really do love them too much! As big of a pain as they are, I don't think I could ever part with their sweet little faces! I'm just praying for their puppy stage to be over FAST! :)

Danyel Barnett said...

My puppy isn't as big as yours- but they have it right when they say Kennel. Most dog books say a 'kennel' isn't a jail to most dogs. It's a safe place for them. Once our pup, Lexi, got used to is, she goes in it without us even having to fuss over it. We just point to the kennel and she goes. It has saved us countless boxes of tissues that she spreads over the living room... going to the bathroom all over the house... eating my reading glasses..etc :) You love your dog more once they can't destroy anything while you're away! Good crate training! It'll change your life..and save theirs!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Marcie!!! you weren't lyin', were ya?! holy smokes. that looks worse than ours for sure! oh man, I hate to say it, but ... this makes me feel so much better! ;)

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