Tuesday, April 12, 2011

31 bits: the greatest thing since jewelry

I've been obsessing over this company for quite some time for multiple reasons, but now I feel like I finally have enough time to adequately share it with you with as much enthusiasm as I've been feeling!! Welcome to my list of favorites 31 Bits! But let me start from the beginning....

31 Bits is a business that is designed to empower women to rise above poverty.  Currently, they are working with approximately 83 women in Gulu, Uganda who create each piece of handmade jewelry using 100% recycled paper. Jewelry is purchased from the women on a monthly basis and the women are also given the opportunity to be a part of various development programs including English lessons, finance training, aids and health education and career development. It doesn't get more life changing than that!!
Below are a few of the faces changed by 31 Bits! I just want to put that little baby in my pocket! How precious!

And great news ladies....they've just launched their new jewelry line called The Haven. I'm absolutely DROOLING over ever little piece! Not to mention Promise Tangeman is the one modeling them! That girl has been my blogging inspiration. 

Go check them out here and learn how you can be fashionable and make a difference at the same time!! I bought my sister the "Ollie Twist" {the red one second to the top} for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! Now to decide which one I want....I think I'll take one of each!!! :)
{all pictures courtesy of 31 Bits}

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