Sunday, July 04, 2010

Engagement Pictures! And a few other thoughts...

Here's our engagement pictures....finally! The big day is approaching so fast, and if my calculations prove me right, it is exactly 47 days away from this very moment! HOORAY!! Honestly, I couldn't be more excited about the gift God has given me in Matt. He is truly a man of integrity and patience, sometimes I wonder how I could be so lucky! He challenges me in ways no one else ever has and I'm a better person because of him! Now granted, not everything is roses and rainbows. The closer it gets to the wedding the more emotions that are getting stirred up, which in turn makes me, at times, a not-so-peachy person to be around. Example: Thursday I spent the whole day crying. At home. At work. In the car. Even in the coffee shop. To Matt. To my mom. To my sister. To Heather at work. To Matt. To Matt. To my dad. To my horse. To my dog. To Matt. To the coffee shop. To my best friend. To Matt. To Matt. Did I mention to Matt?? And now to you reading this blog. Haha! Matt has been so patient and understanding through the whole process. I have the greatest friends and family to put up with me in my emotional state! There's A LOT of people (and a couple dogs and horse) that are going to be dearly missed! Like I said, I couldn't be more excited to start my life with this incredible man... but there's a lot of things about Utah that I'm going to miss!! Here's my short tribute to a few of those things:
Seriously, the best coffee EVER! To order: Mr. B's w/an Extra Shot :) YUMMMMM!!!
Mountains! Not only beautiful scenery, but killer workouts! Trail running will forever remain my favorite exercise routine!
Meet Cuddles. We've been best friends for 10 years. All the old sayings about a girl and her horse were probably written because of me and her! Seriously, I've never met a person that understands me as well as my horse ever has. She helped get me through the crazy teenage years and kept me out of trouble (and away from boys! I think that's why my parents bought her...hehe :) ) Her favorite past times include eating, pooping, eating, flirting with the horse next door, going on unsupervised adventures through the neighborhood (while i'm chasing her in my bath robe and towel on my head!), and stealing my peanut butter sandwiches. We sometimes call her Mr. Ed because she flaps her lips when she's curious about things. I LOVE HER!!! Enough said.
This is Mandi. She's two and my favorite running buddy! She enjoys swimming, laying in mud puddles, belly rubs, rolling in smelly things, eating smelly things and giving me kisses afterwards! She always manages to make me smile! Love her so much! :) XOXOXO

But anyway, back to the point at hand....there's some (not all) of our favorite engagement pictures!
Love, Love!

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D&C said...

fun pictures! you are both so cute together. oh and we changed our blog address: it's now, just in case. ;) good luck with the final preparations!

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