Thursday, July 08, 2010

Meet Some of the Most AMAZING People We Know! (Our Line)

Do you ever wonder who those very attractive people are that are standing next to the bride and groom? How do they know them?! Sometimes when I'm sitting out in the audience watching a wedding ceremony, I make up stories of why the bride and groom chose those people to stand next to them on that very special day! Well, Matt and I decided to save you that trouble and tell the stories ourselves! So may we introduce: Our wedding line! Ladies first.
Matron of Honor
Rebecca Alvarado
Sister of the Bride...need I say more?? Not very many people are blessed to have the type of relationship with their sister like I have with mine. Rebecca has been my role model since the moment I was born! She's even the one who named me! Even though there's 6 1/2 years between us, you would never know it! We finish each other's sentences and have the amazing ability to read each other's thoughts. Put us together in a game of Taboo and I promise, you don't stand a chance! Rebecca has not only been my older sister, but a best friend.
Maid of Honor
Whitney Clift Whitney and I have been friends since we were 13, and best friends since high school! Whitney has been one of those friends that every girl wishes they had. The second I needed anything, whether it was a ride to school, a listening ear or a good boy bashing session (back in the high school days of course!), she was always there with a cup of coffee in hand! Her and I have gotten ourselves in and out of trouble together way too many times to count, have way too many inside jokes and far too many funny stories to tell (most of which no one else finds as funny!)! She was there helping at my proposal and I couldn't imagine having my wedding without her standing by my side! :)
Amanda Burrows
As well as growing up with a close family, I was also blessed to grow up with a very close extended family! The closest comparison would be "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." That's right....we had it all: food, food, 10 conversations going on at the same time, women in the kitchen, men at the grill, women in your business, opinions, food, plenty of love, laughter and the thing that brought us all together: FOOD! Haha! I had tons of cousins, so there was always someone to play with! Manda and I were the same age and best buddies growing up. Our moms always put us in matching outfits and had our pictures taken together! We had dreams of owning our own veterinary clinic and even wrote our own cookbook! (Which never made it to the publishers...who knew no one needed a recipe for making peanut butter sandwiches?!) Even though Amanda and her family moved away from Utah when we were young, we managed to stay close and for the first time in about 18 years, we'll be living in the same state again! WAHOO!!! So not only will I have a family member with me in Oklahoma, but also a very close friend! Double bonus. This girl is the real deal.

Best Man
Kraig Mewbourne
Cousin of the Groom
Not only were we family, Kraig and I had the privilege of growing up as best friends...from running golf carts in front of ambulances to late night talks about God, women, and why God made women so confusing, we went through it all together. It is hard to put 22 years of life we lived in a paragraph you know? The truth is Kraig has been there for me through it all. We could probably quote any movie we have seen together and even the previews for the ones we haven't! He is hilarious and currently single so ladies he's the one on the right ( Sorry I'm taken!)

Jared Hale
Best Friend of Groom
When I think of Jared of think of the many trips we took together to school in our cars. He has a 1981 Camaro and I have (Yes we still have them) a 1992 Formula Firebird...Teenagers, Fast cars, and nothing to do! We lived it up! I can remember one morning we road in Jared's Camaro to school, and when Jared pulled out in front of a Honda civic the lady driving made the most amazing/unforgettable face I have ever seen. It looked like someone turning there head away from a dodge ball while screaming the lyrics to Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer. I owe who I am to Jared because he stuck with me through my awkward faze (and man was it A-W-K-W-A-R-D), helped let go of what other people thought, and stick to my own convictions.

Jeff Weiszbrod
Brother of Groom
I wish every person could have a big brother like mine. From the time I was born I wanted to be like my big brother. Jeff and I are 8 years apart which tells you that when he was 16 I was 8. Imagine getting your drivers license and having to drive the most argumentative 8 year old around (my parents said I would argue with God when we get to heaven). As we have gotten older Jeff and I really have grown very close. He has become one of the first people I go to for advice. Jeff has a wisdom beyond his years and a witty mind. Which leads to hard truths and hilarious comments!

Matt Jones
Brother of Bride
As you probably guessed this is Marcie's younger brother Matt (Matty Tatty). I met Matty Tatty when I went to visit Marcie in late July of Last year. I'm not sure but I think he thought I was a little awkward (I know most people don't hug when they meet someone's brother but I tend to act first think later). I really got to see Matt's personality when we went out go-kart racing and bowling with the "guys." He wouldn't want anyone to know this but he used the girlie pink ball while bowling...totally kidding, but seriously it was pink. Matt is a very hard worker and a lot of fun to hang out with!

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