Saturday, September 18, 2010

Her name was Lola...she was a show dog?!

Meet Lola Bell! My birthday present and the newest member of the Weiszbrod clan! She has been the funnest (and cutest) addition to our house! Right now, her list of favorite things to do are sleep, chase bugs, puddling in the house and more sleep. She loves giving kisses and contrary to most labs' energetic tendencies, Lola is the most quiet, laid-back dog that I've EVER owned! We just love her to pieces!!!

In other news, we're back from our honeymoon in Jamaica and had such a great time being able to just relax! Married life is the greatest! Having a long distance relationship has made us appreciate our time together much more! I love being able to hang out with my best friend every day and go home with him at night! We're getting all settled in to our house and it's been so much fun!! Pictures will be posted soon! :)


sully said...


Your puppy is so sweet! It's good to hear your settling in, moving is always a headache! I wonder how the missions trip went? (the one you were asking for donations to)
Keep updating your blog, I'm sure now that you live so far away it will be very popular here in Utah!


Shelli said...

Such a cute dog! She's like Cuddles in canine form! :) I'm glad you two are enjoying married life and you had a wonderful honeymoon! Continue to settle into the groove and enjoy being a newlywed, as it goes SOOOO fast! Love you girl!

No(dot dot)el said...

What a doll. Love her name too. I have a yellow and black lab and a jack russell. They bring me so many giggles and are totally always keeping me busy. Hey, would you be interested in my link up for pet lovers? It's runs the first of every month.

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