Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My {Morning} Cup of Coffee

I woke up this morning, in the greatest mood! Like something you might see in the 50s, I woke up, fixed my husband breakfast and sent him off to work with the children {dogs} smiling and an extra long kiss....xoxoxoxo....all this while having my hair done, {red} lipstick applied and heals gleaming. Ok, well maybe the last part isn't true. It was more like bed head with my {utah} hoody and {baggy} pajama pants....but it's nice to dream, right?!

After Matt was out of the house, I made my coffee, opened up my laptop to check on current events {facebook} and just as I was about to take my first sip of that deliciously rich cup of steaming energy, I realized Lola had been giving me weird looks. I imagined it was because of the horrible smell that was coming from her {gas}, but then as she ventured over by our pantry, the smell still lingered. I looked over to see what she was smelling just in time to notice the smeared treat {poop} that our newest and youngest doghter {Piper} had left us. Not only had she pooped, but I had neither seen nor smelled it before I had stepped in it, smeared it all over my {favorite and only} slippers, which had then tracked it all through my house. "Oh joy" was not my thoughts as I began cleaning up the horrible smelling mess. In {one part of} my cleaning process, I forgot that I had crawled so far under our table and my back was greeted by the stab of the {sharp} edge of that lovely seating arrangement. Let's just say {not nice} words were flowing. I finally composed myself enough to stop jumping around and yelling, threw my {favorite and only} slippers away and began a Craig's List listing for a 13 week old {free} boxer mix puppy. Let me back up, because I think it's important that you know that while this whole crazy mess was going on, Piper was sound asleep on the couch, blissfully unaware of the fate that awaited her. She woke up just in time to come over, look at me with her big brown eyes and melt away any anger that I held against her. But let's just say, the Craig's List listing, though not present to others, is still lingering on my computer in case of {unhoped} emergency.

So here I am, sipping away, so grateful for my {crazy} little family, the {unexpected} parts of life that make for great blogging stories and most of all, for my {morning} cup of coffee. Sigh. Oh life.

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