Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lemon Drop

I've recently discovered {and maybe become obsessed} with a group called Pistol Annies. They're a sort of underground country group, that at first, I was very hesitant to even give a chance simply because I'm not a huge Miranda Lambert fan. But then, I listened. And the obsession began. Think of Johnny Cash meets Norah Jones meets Dixie Chicks. A recipe for amazing! Exactly what country songs were meant to be....stories told around the campfire. Something that the everyday person can connect with. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE them! Maybe it's because of how I relate to "Boys from the South"....uhhemmm I married one....or maybe because of how "My Life is Like a Lemon Drop".....or maybe it's because it fits the fall season so well. And yes, seasons have sound tracks. So go ahead and splurge! Download the album, grab yourself a cup of Joe and give it a listen! A guaranteed recipe for a delightful day! :)

Here's just a sample. Listen and love!

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