Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas on a Budget II: DIY Recipe Card/Photo Holder

Here's yet another gift giving idea! This sweet little craft can be used for lots of things {photo holder, love notes, daily reminder}, but I think I especially like the idea of using it as a recipe card holder! The great thing about it is you can use the leftover wood and paint from your letter art decor to make this! 

Here's what you'll need!

  • Furniture Dowel Rod Cap {I found mine in the wood section at Hobby Lobby - 3 for $1.47}
  • Clothes Pins {Also in the wood section at Hobby Lobby - 24 pack for $3.47}
  • Furniture Tacks {Near the material section at Hobby Lobby - 1 pack of 180/$2.21}
  • Burlap or Scrapbook paper {Burlap can be found in any material store - About $3.99/yard. You will only need about 1/8 yard for this project.}
  • Piece of wood {Like I said, I used leftover wood. Mine was a 2x10 and 8" long. If you need it cut, Home Depot will cut it for you.}
  • Spray paint {For this one, I used Satin Red Garnet by Valspar. I plan on using Dark Walnut on another project.}
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sand paper {optional}

1. Cut your wood to the size you want. Mine was 8" long. Spray paint wood, dowel rod cap and clothes pin. Let dry.
2.{Optional} After paint dried, I used sand paper to sand the edges of the project to create a rustic look. Just a preference....but I think it adds character! :)

3. Use a hot glue gun to glue dowel rod cap to top of board.
4. Cut piece of burlap about 1" smaller than board. Spray with spray adhesive glue and place in center of board.

5. Use a hammer to nail furniture in all four corners of board. This is just an extra assurance to hold the burlap onto the board. And once again, I think it adds character! ;)
6. Use a glue gun to attach clothes pin to top of board.
7. I used some extra burlap to create a cute little flower for the bottom of the board. You can find a great tutorial on how to do that here! I wanted my flower to have a little more depth, so I sprayed a little bit of my paint on a newspaper, dipped a wadded up paper towel in the paint and sponged it on to the burlap flower. I LOVE how it turned out!! I then used a glue gun to stick it on the bottom right corner of the board.

Ta-da!! So fun and easy! I got this idea from shanty-2-chic. There's tons of other variations of this craft and plenty of ways to make it your own!  If we break down the cost and round up, all-in-all it was about $7.00 to make the entire project! Not too shabby! :)


cattle said...

This is very fascinating; you're an overly professional blogger. Having read this I believe it was very beneficial and insightful. Till your next post!

Leslie Lim said...

Those look interesting. Keep posting.


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