Friday, June 01, 2012

Personality Test

Oh, hey!!!
It's just me. And my curly hair.
Yes, I have curls. And they sometimes like to go on adventures without adult supervision.
Notice the curl on the left.
Yep. That's one of them.
We're just sitting here {me and my curls}, waiting for husband to get home.
We {I} really miss that man when we're not together!
Good thing it's FRIDAY!!!!!
But in the meantime of me waiting for him, I thought I would share an awesome site Matt and I ran across the other night. 
We're kind of nerds and loooooooove taking personality tests! Ha, don't ask me why, but we think it's super interesting! Just one of our little quirks, I guess.
So one day while husband was searching personality tests, he ran across one that was eerily accurate in describing the man. So eery that I had to take it and see if it did the same for me. 
And it did.
This test not only described me to a "t", but also explained so much about why I do the things I do! It described why I love coffee, animals and my huge need to be surrounded by nature. {Cough, cough, hippie.} Haha! I was so excited after reading it and had a whole new appreciation for who I was.  I think so many times, we have this super version idea of who we wish we were, what we wish we liked, what we wished we looked like, etc.....and in the process of wishing ourselves away, we lose sight of all the awesome and unique things that make us, us! I've learned so many things this last year, and one of the biggest things is discovering who I'm not and becoming comfortable with it! On our journey to finding out who we are, I think it's just as equally important to find out who we're not. With that, we find a whole new appreciation for other people and their differences. We realize that we can't do it all and that other people's strengths and giftings make up for our weaknesses, and vice versa. It's been an awesome {and often frustrating} discovery. And one more cool thing {I promise} personality type is called "The Artist". How awesome is that. That makes me feel, well, super artistic! And really creative. Which has been a HUGE part of the self-discovery journey I've been on  these past couple years! :)

But getting back on track, this personality test made me appreciate not only the way God created me, but also the way he created my husband! Husband's test revealed just as many awesome things about him and helped me understand and appreciate so many of the little quirks that are unique to Matt. We make quite a pair, the two of us. I'm the "earth loving, in-touch with nature, savor every sensation, process everything internally" type, while he is the "all-business, cut the details and give me facts, talk every emotion out and debate everything" type. Nearly complete opposites. But I guess that's why we're so good together! :)

So now after hearing me blabber on about this, I'm sure you're more than ready to get to know yourself!
Take the personality test here {click on "Free Personality Test" at the top}, and then after you find out what your personality type is {it will be 4 letters}, you can either 
a.) pay $35 to the website to get the full description {BOOOO!!!!}, or
b.) Google it! This is what Matt and I did. Mostly because we're cheap. And we like free things.
So for instance, I found out my personality type was ISFP so I googled "ISFP Personality" and the best site we found for descriptions said something like "Portrait of an ISFP - Personality Page"

Get it? Got it? Good. 

Pleeeeeease let me know if you take this and if yours was as accurate as ours! I'm extremely curious!! 


Alana Christine said...

You're set as no-reply blogger so I can't respond to your comments : (. To answer your question, yes I live in Oklahoma! I'm glad to have finally found another Oklahoma blogger!!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

wow! i love the curls! so pretty! you look beautiful both w curls & straight hair!

Today starts my OPI & Essie Nail Polish Giveaway, Check it out!

xo Kelly

Michael & Natasha Hansen said...

Since you love personality quizes so much, I thought you might like to know that this test is called a Myers Briggs Personality Quiz :) We have used them in my grad school classes and they are commonly used by clinical social worker's, psychologists, and counselors with their clients.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

my test would say, female individual is NUTZ!

Amy K said...

I love your blog! What do you think about following each other? -

Much Love.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ok, you and curls. I'm loving.
and personality tests ... also love. all of my projects in grad school were about personality tests. so interesting.

bonbon said...

I love the Meyers Briggs personality test! WE discovered it about a year ago, and you're right it's totally on. I'm an ESFP so almost exactly like you except for the extroverted one. My husband is an INFJ so we're almost polar opposites... which actually helps us to understand our arguments and the disagreements we have a lot better!

Love the blog! Can't wait to read more!

new follower :)

The Adventurer said...

Adventure curls? I love that.

And I have missed your BLOG! School can just go live under a rock for all I care because I need time to read blogs. Obviiiiiously.

Allyson Butler said...

I just found your blog - new follower. Your curls are adorable...if I could get my hair to do anything besides look like a lion's mane, I would be set!

Allyson Butler said...

I just found your blog - new follower. Your curls are adorable...if I could get my hair to do anything besides look like a lion's mane, I would be set!

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