Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Much to-do about Disney!

Husband had some great news the other day.
He informed me that Cinderella {a.k.a. the movie solely responsible for every little girls' dreams} is going to be released from the Disney vault! 
Vault: the holder of all things wonderful and Disney. Why must you hold childrens' dreams captive?!
So, needless to say, I wasted no time adding it to the top of my birthday list!
{Oh hey, my birthday is in less than one month!!! It's the big TWO-FIVE!!!! Eeeek!}
It seems fitting that the movie should be released in time for my birthday.
Cinderella practically raised me.
When you're little, most children pray that God would bless their food at dinner time. But nope, not me. At dinner time, I prayed that Cinderella's step-mother and sisters would be nice to her. Those are the things that really matter, folks. I had my priorities straight!
So did my mom. And that's why my Cinderella time was cut in half. A drastic move, if you ask me.
Nonetheless, our relationship held strong.
And that's why she's at the top of the bday list twenty-five years later.
However, the vault {the true Disney villain} thought it better for me to wait until after my birthday to release Cinderella. {See, I told you. Vault = Villain}
Alas, I will have to wait until October 2nd to be reunited with my dear friend!
But it's okay, I have my dear Belle to get me thru until then.
You see, Cinderella may have raised me, but Belle is who I became.
Don't believe me??
Here's proof:

You see, not only do we both have brown hair and matching horses, but we both love adventures, reading {the same book over & over}, eating food while being entertained by utensils, singing original songs {Disney has yet to get their paws on mine}, and laying in the middle of the field while wishing on a dandelion. And don't even get me started on how much we both love castles and baguettes! Let's just say, Jef and Emily pretty much stole our {Belle & mine's} dream date in the library. Really, Emily?? You're not even a brunette. At least steal your date ideas from a princess who resembles you. I bet Sleeping Beauty could give you plenty of great ideas! Wandering thru the forest barefoot, baking a cake, wearing a dress that changes from blue to pink?? Although, I would avoid any relating to spindles or sewing machines.

You want to hear something even more magical?! When my sister and I went to Paris a few years ago, we, of course, went to Disneyland! And guess who I met there? In her home country of France?!
Belle, herself! And as always, looking lovely.
{It should be noted that I did, in fact do my hair that day. But the rain and lack of sleep had other ideas on what a good first impression looks like.}

Oh hey, and Lumiere was there, too!

Yep, we were in heaven!
Don't you just love Disney?!


Courtney B said...

Aaaahh!! Yay! Do you know the date it comes out? I love to buy them the first week since it's just a little bit cheaper, ha ha. But now that I'm having a baby girl I MUST buy these Disney Princess movies!! (Okay, okay, so I already own Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Mulan, and 1 more than I just can't think of. I was MEANT to have a little girl, right?)

Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

Oh i just love this! You are too cute :)

I've actually been "following" your blog for a while now but I recently found it again! Glad I did, I've got a lot to catch up on haha. Let me know if you'd like to swap buttons, I'd be honored to have you on my blog!


The Adventurer said...

M - add this to our list of all things the same.

Belle is my favorite princess. Forever. And now that I know that you're her secret horse twin I am fa-rea-king out. Just flippin over here. How could I have missed this news?!

Also the vault... WHY?! Why do they do that? I still don;t have Beauty and the Beast. When, Walt, WHEN!?

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