Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dry Shampoo and Red Lipstick

Sometimes when I get home from work, the first thing I do is put on red lipstick.
Husband keeps asking why I do this, and my response is, "I'm practicing!" 
Practicing for what, you might ask. The truth is, I really have no idea. And thank goodness husband has never asked that question. Because if he did, this is what my real answer would be {performed in true melt-down style}:
"I've had a long day of coughing in my ear, crying on my shoulder and sneezing on my keyboard. So right now, I want to feel girly. Yes, I'm aware my hair hasn't been washed for four days and I'm wearing a hippie shirt and pajama bottoms, but I need something, anything, to inspire me! So right now, I'm going to play make-believe and pretend like I've been wearing this lipstick all day while parading around Paris in my heels {which also happen to be red}. Yes, I do want to feel pretty every day. And yes, I am aware that washing my hair more often would help achieve that. But when all else fails, there's always dry shampoo and red lipstick!"

So here I sit.
Hippie shirt.
Pajama bottoms.
Five-day old hair, nested on top of my head.
And red lipstick.
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