Saturday, November 17, 2012

Creative Tales & Puppy Kisses

I have to tell you, the arrival of autumn marks the awakening of my creative spirit!
Apparently it goes in to hibernation in the summer months??
A little backwards if you ask me. Most things hibernate during the winter. 
I would prefer to keep ahold of it year round, but I'll take what I can get.
This lovely photo was taken on the dirt road that I frequent on my runs!
Isn't it beautiful?!
Oklahoma really has some great scenery to offer, even if it is lacking in mountainous ranges.
And of course, I took one of my sweet angels with me!

Isn't she the sweetest?!
Oh, how I love those sweet puppy kisses!
We count ourselves lucky when Lola graces us with one of her gentle tongue swipes.
They are few and far between...which makes them treasures!
And would you believe me if I told you I took BOTH of these pictures?! 
Because I did. 
With the help of my good friend, the tripod.

Here's me hoping that your weekend is as beautiful as mine!


Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

I think I would even take a kiss from that dog..

it's a pretty photo.. so pretty. both of them..

Anonymous said...

I love that second picture, sooo pretty :) I've never been to Oklahoma, but my grandpa was from that state. It looks sooo pretty :)

Aprad said...

Dogs are a joy! I know that first hand.
Love the pics.

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