Friday, December 21, 2012

The Flip Side

I'm nearly to the end of my goodbyes and about to start hellos!
Have I mentioned I'm no good at goodbye?
I like to think that I soak in every moment. The happy ones and the sad ones. 
When there's happiness, I'll be there basking in every ounce of sparkle and joy that arrives with that moment.  The same is true with the flip side. I feel every tickle of every tear, every brick that arrives with the weight of sadness and despair. 
My double-edged sword.
Husband doesn't quite know what to do with this yet, but he's learning. 
The great thing is that with every sad goodbye, I know there's a more exciting hello waiting for me!
Specifically, this little hello.....

Really, could the flip side be any cuter?

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