Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is it Thanksgiving?!

If only you knew how many remarkable blog posts would be on here, if only my brain had a recording device that could type everything that I think of while I'm either showering or running.
It's pretty insightful stuff, folks!
But alas, you will never know those thoughts.
Instead, you will be stuck hearing stories about my dogs or my current sickness or moving. And while your eyes graze across the page, I bet you never imagined the one writing this has two tissues sticking out of her nose whilst her fingers ramble away. Just revert back to the comment on "current sickness".
It's a beautiful sight over on my side of the screen.
And though he would never say it, I'm sure husband would beg to differ.
Sweet as he is, he would never whisper a word of how much he dislikes the fact that I have to lift those tissues in order to give him a kiss. And kiss me, he does.
True love.
Marriage is funny that way.
It brings about both beauty and hardship.
I feel like I've grown so much the last two years, that sometimes when I look back at the girl who stood at the altar to say "I do," I don't even recognize her.
Marriage is a beautiful thing in which two individuals, working together, achieve one of the most incredible acts ever known to man; they become one.  Not through some miraculous happening, but through a lot of bending, giving, breaking, sanding, fighting, mending, forgiving, loving and accepting.
No easy task.
It's opening yourself up to another person and giving them every part of you, knowing full well that they could crush you in the deepest way, but trusting that they won't . And vice versa.
Marriage is knowing and being known to the fullest and sometimes most embarrassing ways and yet still loving that person no matter what pet-peeves {or tissues} may try to interfere.
And it is for that reason that I am grateful.
Grateful for having the opportunity to marry my best friend.
Grateful for the fact that he puts up with my oddities.
Grateful that he allows me to dream and evolve, never once asking me to change.
Grateful that nearly four years ago, he had the guts to email a girl in Utah who he'd never met.
Grateful for his heart
Grateful for his love.
And grateful that he's mine.

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