Saturday, January 29, 2011

my {love} affair with mod {podge}

Being a new wifey has introduced me to a whole new world of craftiness and cooking! And over Christmas, our house was invaded with a lovely little bottle of modge podge. So in honor of that glorious event, this post will be dedicated to a couple of my favorite projects! :)

Project #1: Mod Podge Mantle
Inspiration: Pottery Barn
Old Window Frame
Wooden letters
Scrapbook Paper

I already told you that Matt and I's first Christmas was very simple and {extremely} special! All of our decorations were either lent to us by friends or homemade by our own two hands {my favorite kind!}. When Matt and I were down with his family over Thanksgiving, he let me drag him on an adventure to Restore, which is a store under the umbrella of Habitat for Humanity. All of the houses that Habitat for Humanity restores have to first be "gutted" out. All of the old windows, doors, molding, tile, stoves, toilets {ewwww!} and anything else you can imagine that gets torn out of house, all gets sent to Restore. Donations may also be made there, as well. Anyway, it doesn't sound that interesting, but let me tell you, the store is a craft lover's dream!

So Matt drove me to Restore and after getting over my initial "awe," I found some of the most incredible window frames that became the foundation for my project. The frame that I used for this project was only $5....gasp! I know, right?! I'm totally the girl that has to tell everyone when I get a good deal! Haha! So I found the frame, we headed home and I headed to Hobby Lobby where I found wooden letter cut-outs, scrapbook paper and mod podge. Then, I traced the letters on to scrapbook paper, mod podged the scrapbook paper onto the letters and after they were dry, used scotch tape to stick them to the window. If you wanted the letters to stick on the window permanently, you could use mod podge to stick them to the windows. I used tape so I can switch out the letters for different seasons! So fun! And here's the final reveal....

Project #2: Mod Podge Coasters
Inspiration: Mumsy Girl

4"x4" Tiles
Scrapbook Paper
Ceramic Craft Paint
Mod Podge

One of my friends recently got married and I wanted to do something a little more personalized for her than just the typical gift card. Her whole kitchen was going to be decorated in turqoise and brown, so I used that as a starting place. I went to Hobby Lobby and found three different patterns of turqoise and brown scrapbook paper, grabbed some brown ceramic paint and felt and headed to Home Depot to pick up some 4"x4" tiles.
Once I had all the supplies, I went home and started in on the coasters!

Step 1: Paint the outside edges of the tiles with the ceramic paint. I only paint the parts that won't be covered by the scrapbook paper. Let dry.

Step 2: After the paint has dried, I mod podge the scrapbook paper on to the tile. Depending on the size and style of the tile you use, I pre-cut the scrapbook paper small enough to leave about 1/4" outside border. Let dry.

Step 3: Once the mod podged has dried, apply a layer of mod podge all over the tile, covering both the scrapbook paper and tile. Let dry and apply a second coat. Let dry.

Step 4: After both coats of mod podge have dried, use a glue gun to glue the pre-cut felt on to the bottom of the tile. Let dry.

You're done! Here's one of my finished products!
These were so fun to make and easy to personalize! I made some a few sets and gave them as Christmas gifts! And who doesn't love something homemade?!


Mikala Blossom said...

MARCIE!!!! Next time I'm in Tulsa, I really think that we need to go together to this Restore you mentioned. It sounds fantastic, and I would actually really like to use a combination of the ideas you have in your blog to make a headboard. I'll have to tell you all about it. Next time I'm up there, I'm going to contact you and see if we can get together if that's alright with you!

Marcie {and sometimes Matt} said...

Let's do it Mikala!! I'm always looking for an excuse to go to Restore!! :)

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