Thursday, March 24, 2011

the handy-man can!

Fact: I'm horrible at visualizing things! That's why when Matt first started talking about remodeling our kitchen and telling me all the ideas he had, I {kinda} freaked out! At that time, I was still living in Salt Lake so it made it that much more difficult to visualize things the way they could be. That's why he had to draw me this picture:
But before I get too far ahead in the story, let me start from the beginning. Matt bought our house about four years ago from some {very dear} friends. The house was built in the 70s, so it needed {a lot of} updating! He started by putting in harwood floors in the master bedroom, re-doing the entry way, knocking out a wall to open up the dining room and the living room and tearing out the {flourescent]} lights in the kitchen {thank goodness!!}. All that stuff was done B.M. {Before}.  When I came into the picture, all of the remodeling energies were directed at the kitchen. This was mainly for the fact that
that's where we spend most of our time! But also, in my mind, I'm more likely to want to cook if I like the room that I have to do it in! :) So here's an evolution {of our favorite room} in pictures!

Step 1: Remove the wall dividing the kitchen & dining room, thus making all three rooms {living, dining & kitchen} one big room! I absolutely looooove wide open spaces! :)
 {looking straight ahead from living/kitchen entry}
 {looking from dining room into the kitchen}
 {No more wall!!! Yayyy!!!}

Step 2: Paint Cabinets!

 Step 3 - 5: (3)Remove cabinets that were around refrigerator & replace with a pantry. (4) Repaint walls. (5) Add GIRLY touches! {My personal favorite!}

And voila! There it is, our finished kitchen! Exactly how we love it! It makes me so sad that we have to move :(  But we both pray that the next people who get our house will {love.adore.&} appreciate it as much as we have!! I have no doubt that this house will be a blessing to it's new inhabitants!

And here's the part that might annoy some of you...but I MUST add it in here!  So if you're not a fan of the {mushy} stuff, now would be the time to stop reading. My Matt is so creative and talented and did such a wonderful.amazing.fantastic job doing all sorts of renovations on our house! I love him so much and am so proud of all the things he's doing and God is doing in and through him!! He has been the greatest example of God's love and grace in my life and I can't wait to start  this new phase {of adventure} together! It makes absolutely no sense in some ways, but in others, there's no denying God has HUGE plans in store for the two of us! So this is not just a farewell to our old house, but a hello to a new and bigger adventure! We can't wait!!! :)


Countrylivn' said...

It turned out great, it is so open and bright, you guys have some major talent! Good work and thanks for sharing! Mijken

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

This looks amazing! Awesome job!

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