Friday, June 03, 2011

A little bit of Dreaming

Remember how I said that I change my mind every 37 seconds?? Well this is one more post to support that.  Matt and I got a call this week informing us that our house {which we thought we sold} fell through and we're at square one {yet again}. So after we got over our first initial disappointment.....we started dreaming!  Dreaming of places we would like to live, places we would like to travel, things we would like to experience! Our discussion began with, "After we sell our house....what do we want to do?" We both agreed buying probably isn't the best option for us right now {I know, a stark contrast from what we were thinking, well, ummm....37 seconds ago?! Haha}, so our next option is renting.  Then we threw out the possibility of moving away completely....and that's when things got really fun!!
But let me back up a little, because this all started with a dream I had the night before. A dream in which I was super angry at Matt for one reason: he didn't want to move to Hawaii. In my dream, I had this brilliant idea {because I'm full of those} that we should move to Hawaii because we had nothing holding us back. We're young. We're free. Heartache to heartache we stand. No promises or demands. Errrrr...wait....isn't that a song?! Maybe it was serenading my dream. Anyway, I kept telling Matt how we just needed to take a risk because we have nothing holding us back, and in my dream, he shot me down. Hard. Which is why I wouldn't talk to him for ten years {in my dream, of course!}.  When I told Matt about my silly little dream, we both kind of laughed at the stupidity of it, and then Matt got this look in his eye and he goes, "Why don't we move there? We seriously have nothing holding us back! I think I would make a pretty good beach bum!" Then I got really excited and started talking really fast {much too fast actually} and it all went uphill from there!  We started throwing out different ideas of where we could work {and yes, a sno shack was on that list! Haha!} and live....and then we ventured a place a little more east of where we live....then a place a little west.....we actually went all over of places we would love to live and travel to!! Here's our top picks so far:

honestly, there's not one person that has been to Hawaii that doesn't want to move there!  It really is a tropical oasis that is unlike any other place I've ever been! Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!  I can already feels the sand in between my toes! 

Matt and I always talked about going to Italy together. We even had that on the list for possible honeymoon destinations!  Secretly, I think Matt wants to go because he's a pizza-holic, but I don't even care! It seems like a place where time stands still....and I've always wanted to ride on a gondola! :) Plus, Italian is probably one of the most beautiful languages I've ever heard spoken! Ciao bella!

Both Matt and I have always wanted to travel to Ireland, even before we met each other! I had always thought it was a beautiful place, but I sort of became REALLY obsessed with it after I watched P.S. I Love You.  Gerard Butler is the only other man besides Matt that has my heart! Sometimes I can hear them battling for it at night. My sister and I actually had a trip planned there for spring 2009. We were going to fly there {with a discounted rate due to my dear flight attendant of a sister} and stay in hostiles in between backpacking excursions through different towns and pubs. Adventurous and romantic?? Yes! Only one problem. Before we had a chance to leave, a dark haired man came along and stole my dear sister's heart with promises of marriage and much Chilean food. Needless to say, she fell for it and our trip got canceled and replaced by a solo {meaning only my sister going} trip to Chile. My brother-in-law, although I love him, is still in-debted to an Irish getaway!  

So that's what we're dreaming of these days! Are we being realistic....will it ever happen?! Maybe...who knows! I may be criticized for dreaming too much and sometimes too big and a little too unrealistically, but if we don't have our dreams, we aren't left with much else to hold on to! As my dear friend Cinderella, so eloquently puts it...

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep

In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing

the dream that you wish will come true

So this is us dreaming! :) One of my favorite past times! Who knows what will come of it....but we're excited to find out!!


Char said...

Italy all the way! Actually Ireland sounds really carefree! No, wait! Choose Hawaii! It would be a lifelong vacation! Oh, man, I am starting to sound like you. Changing my mind every 37 seconds!!

Luthiclan said...

Do it!!! What a great adventure! We have all seen UP haven't we?!

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