Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY dress....No Sewing Required!

So I've been dying to try this ever since I saw a picture of it on Pinterest! Only one problem.....the tutorial on how to do it was in some language that I had NO idea how to read!! Haha! So, with a little experimenting and coaxing my husband to take some's a tutorial on how to turn his shirt in to her dress!
 Step 1: My husband's shirt was an XL. I buttoned the third button down into the third slit on the other side
Step 2: If you're wearing the shirt, take the sleeve from the right side and cross over on top of the left sleeve.
Step 3 & 4: Take the right sleeve that you crossed over the top and push up under the bottom left sleeve so there's a loop hole {see picture below}.
Step 5 & 6: With your thumb and index finger in the loop hole described in Steps 3 & 4, pull the left sleeve that was on bottom through the loop hole. {Be sure to only pull it halfway through....don't pull the end of the sleeve thru....the part with the buttons. It helps make the other part of the bow!}

Step 7: Fix the loop hole and end of the left sleeve to look like a bow. 
Step 8: Pull down on the right sleeve to tighten up the bow.
Make it your own! :)  I'm thinking of pairing it with some leggings for a fun fall/winter look!

Hopefully this tutorial helps! 
Let me know if I need to explain anything better! Enjoy your new dress!


Countrylivn' said...

So cool, you are so talented! Way to go on the photography too Matt! Im sure its not hard to take pictures of such a good looking model! You are Beautiful Marcie!

Marcie {and sometimes Matt} said...

Awe....thanks Mijken!! You're so sweet!

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