Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh time, how you elude me!

Sometimes I find it frustrating when so much of life happens that it won't all fit into one blog post! I guess that's a good thing for me, but not for the post or for the ones reading it. In essence, this will be my attempt to catch-up on all the missed details of the last month and a half while not boring you, the reader. And just a word of caution, this probably could be considered an Olympic event, so I may only share a couple with you on this post.

We'll start first by tracking back all the way to the beginning of September when two significant events took place. Number one: A girl's only trip to Galveston, Texas and Number two: MY 24th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

A group of seven of us moms and daughters all piled into a tahoe {can you even believe all of our luggage fit into one vehicle?! Now THAT was an Olympic event!) and headed out to Galveston for some good ol' fashion girl time! Needless to say, in between all the make-up and haze of hairspray, there was plenty of laughter, tears and tears caused by laughter! Haha! So. Much. Fun!!!!!!! We even had time to sneak in about eight minutes of beach time, lots of pool time and a quick streak around the condo {say what?!} Haha!! Kidding. Well, maybe. We happened to be down in Galveston about the same time a hurricane was stirring in the gulf so there was a bounty of waves and we {actually me} were sporting hurricane inspired hair-dos brought to you by the oh-so-wonderful gusting winds! Haha! You'll see what I mean in the pictures that follow.  It was one of those refreshing trips that, as one of our moms would say, "puts the love-tank on full." I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful, inspiring women in my life!

Now on to the big 2-4!! That's right, I'm officially 24 and for some reason, saying I'm 24 sounds so much more dignified and mature than 23! Haha! I have no idea why and it's probably all in my head, but I only have hopes that God has bigger and better adventures in store for me this year! While we were in Galveston, we had a mini birthday celebration for me and a couple of the other ladies who also had birthdays around the same time. When I returned home, Matt surprised me with a Kindle! After reading The Help, I feel like I've been in a reading frenzy! I'm rediscovering my love of books, so if you have any suggestions of any good novels, I'm all open!
As a personal gift to myself, I've decided to treat myself to the healthiest body that I've had yet! Which translated into buying myself a gym membership and trying to clean up my food intake to be the healthiest me I can be! Once again, any suggestions are appreciated! :)

Finally, one last thing about turning 24.....when you google "what happens when you turn 24," all you get are a bunch of online dating ads and something about urban dictionary making fun of 24-year-old a nut shell, nothing worth reading. However, when you google "things to do when you turn 24", you get much more interesting suggestions. Nothing specifically pertaining to the 24th year, but I did find a list of 25 things to do before you turn 25! Much more interesting. I'll post my favorites and leave out the ones involving one night stands, doing illegal drugs and getting drunk. No thanks, Pablo, not interested!  The ones with a strike through I've already done! Kaykay, here we go!!!

-Live in another country

-Travel on the cheap: That means backpacking, hostels and unidentifiable food.

Confront a fear. Moving to Oklahoma pretty much forced me into that one! I HATE bugs and spiders, but living here has forced me to confront my fear and kill them all! Now, I'm a spider killing machine! {Unless they're really big, then I leave those ones for Matt!}

- Splurge on an awesome pair of jeans....let's just say I've done that wayyyyy too many times!

- Make a real guy friend who really is just a friend. I'm blessed with lots of those!!

- Get a job working with food or clothes. Thanks, Buckle, for that one! Refer back to "splurging on awesome pairs of jeans!

- Figure out what kind of wine you actually like

- Take a roadtrip with your friends. I've done that many times over! San Diego, Moab, Galveston, etc...

- Try an exotic food you can't pronounce. Happened on the honeymoon and I'm pretty sure it ended up being octopus brain. Ewww!!!

- Go to a college football game and go all out. This one is half-way done....just need to do the face or body painting to complete the "all-out" part!

- See a broadway show

- Go 24 hours media free. I must say, I quite enjoyed it!!

- Skinny dip. Maybe it's an obsession

- Give back to the community. I can thank 4-H for lots of years doing that one!

- Learn how to do your own taxes and manage your own money. I've got the money management part down, the taxes seem a little scary though!

- Start a blog about your life and update it regularly. I've been really bad about the updating regularly part!

- Learn to drive a manual car. My very first car taught me that! I won't even get in to how many wrecks I caused!!! Haha!!

- Donate blood. I have a severe needle the point that I pass-out when they draw my blood! Think I'll pass on this one.

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