Saturday, August 13, 2011

that time, again....

It's that time, again!
The time where I get sick of my hair and need something fresh and new!
I've taken on Kate Beckinsale {I know, she's lovely!} as my hair inspiration.
This is the color I'm considering:

And a couple more views because, really, who can't get enough of Kate?!

Gorgeous. Anyway, I've also kept the possibility of more blonde on the table. Husband is not helping with the decision at all because every time I ask him which one he likes the best {blonde or brunette}, he says, "Babe, you look good both ways! I don't have a preference." Sweet, yet aggravating. I am officially the worst decision-maker ever!!! To top it off, I'm on the hunt for a new hair lady because mine moved away. Tear. I sometimes wish I was one of those people who could go to Super Cuts and not care about the chain saw massacre that happens to my hair. But alas, I'm not! I probably am a little too picky when it comes to my hair. But let's face it ladies, if your hair isn't happy, then you're not happy! It doesn't matter how good your makeup looks or how cute your clothes are.....if you have a bad hair cut, you might as well not even get ready in the morning! {At least it feels that way!} So wish me luck, and send any Tulsa hair-lady recommendations my way...I'm on the prowl!! Also, suggestions on the never-ending blonde vs. brunette question would be greatly appreciated! :)

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sully said...

You crack me up! & just to add my oppinion on your looks, (well everybody's looks) the most bueatiful people are clean-faced & wind-blown hair!
I remember being at your house on Dimpledell & you had just got out of the shower, you had no make-up on & your hair was a riot of brown ringlets, that image has stayed with me because at that time I thought, "wow! she is so pretty!" & I couldn't believe you straightened your hair!! Anyway, I'm sure you will look lovely whatever & whenever you choose your style:)

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