Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Reception

Well it's taken me a year to post these, but I figured that now is as good a time as ever!! Here's a few pictures {and a few stories} from our reception....August 20, 2010!

I am sooooo in love with cameos!! I just knew I had to include one, somehow, into the day! And what better way than putting one on my bouquet! Have I also mentioned that I love our rings?! I LOVE OUR RINGS!! Matt's ring has wood inset into the sides of it, which fits him perfectly because he loves building things! My ring, well, is perfectly me! Read the story about it here!

Our cake was so delicious! We had two different flavors...coconut kiwi lime and orange sherbet.....fresh and delicious! It was even delicious a year later! {Yes, Matt and I bent the rule a little bit and ate our wedding cake a couple weeks sooner than our anniversary. But in our defense, we had no choice! My
sister flew our cake all the way from Salt Lake City to Tulsa and we had to eat it before it went bad. And believe me, it was GOOD!
And I have to mention something about the cake dad actually made it! I saw a picture of one exactly like it in a magazine and my dad took one look at it and WAHLAH! He had a tree that had been cut down from one of the jobs he was working that he whittled and glazed, transforming it into this lovely cake holder! It couldn't have been more perfect! :)

The infamous speeches were given by none other than Matt's cousin, Kraig, and my sister, Rebecca. Both were incredible! And it goes without saying that my sister's made me {actually us} cry.  Oh how I love my big sissy!! I couldn't ask for a better friend or role model!

My sweet! :)

Our first dance! We danced to Keith Urban's song, "If Ever I Could Love." The song was so special to us because it was how we first told each other that we thought we were the "one" for each other! It's an amazing song and will always be one of my favorites!! 

And then came the surprise dance.....

Well, the pictures do a lot to explain themselves....but I had planned a special dance/my version of a music video for Matt.  My friend, Ben, who was also our DJ, helped me remake Christina Aguillara's song, "Ain't No Other Man".  Hahah it was so much fun and a surprise to everyone! My bridesmaids were the only ones who knew that I was going to do it. Ben cut our song off a little early, my bridesmaids came out with a chair and pushed Matt down on it....and that's when it all the saucyness began! Haha!!! There was quite a lot of booty shaking and quite a lot of shocked faces! I love the element of surprise! :)

The dance with my dad. It was a flood of memories and emotions! We danced to "Time of My Life" from the movie Dirty Dancing.  Growing up, my dad would always have that soundtrack playing and it was my absolute favorite! He would always pick me up and dance with me to it.  We have so many pictures and home videos of us dancing together! I love my daddio! :)

Matt's dance with his mom. She wasn't thrilled about doing it {dancing isn't her favorite thing}, but she was so sweet to do it for him!

And the last big dance of the night, "Jump On It" by Sir Mixalot. SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!!!

Overall, a great night with lots of fun memories!

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Shannon said...

I'm still super bummed I missed your wedding! Miss you my lovely Marcie! <3

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