Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Outfit Diaries: Sequins

So I'll admit, some days I'm super proud of how I can take things that I've had for years and create a totally new outfit out of them! As much as I {and any girl for that matter} would love to go out and buy everything that I pin on Pinterest, the complete lack of Benjamins {& Washingtons, for that matter} makes that probability highly unlikely!
So instead, I present to you {or myself}, the outfit diaries. To be used on days when I stand in my closet, staring at all my clothes and swear I have nothing to wear. This can be my reminder. And yet another creative outlet! Ka-ching!

Who says sequins are only for New Years?!
The thing I'm loving about the styles right now is the pairing of opposites. Leather and Lace. Stripes and Floral. Blazers and Tee-Shirts. And in my attempt, sequins and flannel!

So ladies {and probably not gentlemen}, today's outfit includes: Mossimo Flannel shirt {Target}, Mossimo Sequin Tank {Target}, Navy Boyfriend Blazer {Nordstrom}, IT Skinny Jeans {Nordstrom}, Steve Madden Nude Flats {DSW}

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