Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Boy!

That's right's the love of my life's BIRTHDAY!!!
He is now the ripe old age of twenty-eight. 
{Cradle robber, I already know.} 
Ha!!! Kidding.
But seriously, look at this face:

Ok, now stop looking...because I know you're lusting.
Seriously, stop.

Sorry, I'll stop posting sexy pictures of him that make it hard for you to stop looking.

Does that help??
Haha...yes, I married a cross-dressing maniac!
He also likes motorcycles.

And lets me do stuff like this to him:

{That's mascara, in case you were wondering!}
And....we're back to cross-dressing!

This man is the most incredible gift that God has ever chosen to grace my life with. You'll hear me {or read me} brag about him a lot on here. Mostly because he's awesome. Mostly because he's mine. Mostly because he's hot. {Stop lusting!!!} Mostly because he's the only one who can frustrate me the most, make me laugh hardest and demonstrate the kind of movie love that every girl dreams about. Mostly because he proves that dreams do come true. 
His sweet dimple cheeks bring joy to my heart everyday {I could just eat his cheeks!} and there's not a day that goes by where his face wouldn't be the one I want to wake up to {that's right, morning breath and all}! He calls me beautiful in all my mess and accepts every part of me {the good, the bad, and the really ugly}. I'm so grateful that the ring on my finger means that I'm his forever. 

Happy Birthday, babe!!
Here's to another year full of lots of laughs, little tears and much love!


Janis@All Things Beautiful said...

That is just the sweetest post EVER!!! Happy Birthday Matt! I don't know you, but I adore your wife, so you must be pretty fabulous for her to choose you...and also, you must be pretty smart to choose a doll like her. Sooo, anywho, hope you two cuties have a fun day celebrating!!! <3

thecoffeehouse said...

ahhaha. happy birthday matt! you two ... so fun.

Miki @ Becoming What I Always Was said...

That was seriously the cutest post! I love it! I always say my husband is a cradle robber too, he turn 28 next Tuesday! I was 18 when we met, and we got so much crap for it! ha! I hope you two have a blast celebrating!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

So I snorted because this was so funny. Who doesn't love wonder woman seriously.

Julie Marie said...

awww.. loved this =) happy birthday to your man... =)

Anonymous said...

okay, you guys are precious! loved this post! i just found your blog, it's nice to meet you :)

xo ashley

Nicole Marie said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! Lovey blog you have dear.

Yuli Conversations said...

omg haha! well, happy bday to him! :D

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