Sunday, April 29, 2012

Herb Festival

Our weekend looked a little like this:

It was warm and cloudy weather {my favorite combination} with lots of time to enjoy it!
Husband had Saturday off work, so after a Zumba and weight class {that's right, I'm superrr buff! Okay, not really. But it's fun to pretend!} we were off to the Jenks Herb Festival!
I truly am a hippie at heart {actually, I like the term "gypsy" better} so places like that make my soul come alive!  There was everything from live music, to herbs, antiques and wineries! Not to mention all the fresh fruit and vegetables! Absolutely lovely!  I'm totally on board with anything that is organic and natural, which is probably why I'm completely obsessed with doTerra essential oils! But I'll talk more about that later.

I do have a funny story that comes with a piece of advice. I was talking with one of the herb vendors because I really wanted to find an herb that would help aid in digestion. The problem with that was that I wasn't specific about the type of digestion "aid" I was needing {there really are two types: stop and go}. Anyway, I was so caught up in my gypsy alter-ego and new herb fanaticism {lavender and peppermint were about the only ones that I could pronounce}, that I ended up with the opposite type of "aid" that I needed. I didn't discover that until I was home and researching the herb that I had bought! Luckily, I read the description before I made myself a cup of tea and will be putting that herb on the shelf until its aid is needed. So my advice: google before you buy....or at least before you drink. Oh, and don't let your gyspy alter-ego take over your common sense. 

But I did find an awesome company who makes 100% natural lip balm, lotion bars, soap and diaper balm. They are totally awesome and I'm SOLD on their lip balm! Their name is MaggieB Naturals and they have such an awesome story! I have never had a lip balm keep so much moisture locked in! Usually, you have to reapply about every thirty minutes. Three hours after I put this brand on, I could still feel it on my lips. So refreshing!

Did I mention husband's birthday is coming up?? Yes! He is turning the ripe old age of twenty-eight! So this weekend was also spent as an early celebration! So of course that meant some time on the golf course. He LOVES that place! But not quite as much as I love his sweet face with the dimples on the side! :)

How was your weekend?!


thecoffeehouse said...

ahhaha. still laughing about "stop and go". you are so great. honest. and great. :)

Sara said...

I've been meaning to find some natural lip balm! Good to know where I could look for it ;) xoxo

Logan said...

Just found your blog via Oh, Pish Posh and I love it! I'm looking forward to following along :)

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