Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day

I could be qualified as quite possibly the worst procrastinator in.the.world!! Literally, on the day of our wedding, I had two boxes packed {don't mind all my stuff was supposed to be being moved to Oklahoma the next day!} so our whole wedding party spent the time in between ceremony and reception frantically throwing things in boxes so I would actually have a pillow to sleep on when I made that big ol' move down south!
But that's not what this post is about. This post is about tax day and the beauty of marrying someone who is completely your opposite {i.e. he doesn't procrastinate}! Our taxes have been done {thanks to my husband} for about a month and a half, so you can count us out of the frenzied palooza that goes down in America on this lovely day!
But if you're like me in any way and have procrastinated til the very last minute with your taxes....have no fear, Sonic is here!! {And I'm not talking about the hedgehog!} Sonic is doing half-priced drinks all day to help keep you caffeinated and on the frenzied-go while you finish counting, re-counting and counting again all those fun little numbers! Even those of us {and again, thank you husband} who didn't procrastinate can enjoy this! Any other tax day benefits we should know about?!

Happy Tax Day!!

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