Saturday, April 14, 2012


Last weekend, the husband and I met up with two of our dearest friends for one last kung-pow before they welcome their little baby in to the world! 
We met Linsey and Justin during our time during in Lawton and we're convinced that God created these two gems specifically with us in mind! They're the type of friends that everyone deserves to have. And we're blessed to say we do!
So down the road we went.
Down the Route 66 road, to be exact!
Down to Pops on Route 66.
Pops is one of those little small town treasures that make a drive worth while! It's impossible to miss with a huge soda bottle out front, taller than the building and glowing with multiple LED lights! And that bottle is only a foretelling of what's to come! Pops contains nearly every soda that's ever been made, proudly displayed in their glass windows which surround the building. But it doesn't stop there....step inside, back in time, to a 1950s-esque diner with all things delicious and over 600 milk shake flavors! We ate and drank {soda, of course!} to our hearts content! And then after that, it was time to be adventurous! Not only does Pops display many of their hard-to-come-by sodas, but they also sell them! Matt and I filled up our cute little carrier with six soda flavors that we had never heard of before. {My favorite so far has been the Black Jack's Blood Red Cola!}

Matt and I have determined that wherever we're living, however boring a place it may seem, that we will do our best to take advantage of the time we have there to seek out whatever secret treasures it has to offer! We consider this our way of looking at the glass half-full and living life with no regrets!
Pops is one of those treasures. 
Next time, we plan on taking a blanket and taking advantage of the picnic-perfect fields surrounding the station! Absolutely lovely! :)
Be sure to mark your maps!


Andrea Dickherber said...

That sounds like such a cute diner! I love little Mom and Pop shops. And 600 milk shake flavors?! I would be allllll over that :)

Anonymous said...

I love that it's called POPS and not SODAS. Win.

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