Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crackers and Peanuts

Pardon the absence...

...but this little peanut surprised me with a visit!
Two amazing things about my little Rosie Posie:
{1} She slept the entire flight here.
{2} She rolled over at only 5 weeks old! Is that normal?! Because I feel like she's wayyy above average.

Isn't she adorable?!
I could just spread her on a cracker!!

Husband also put on his pastor pants this week for a friend's wedding!
We kept ourselves quite entertained!
And now it's time to play catch-up!


Ariel Tyler said...

lovely pictures! Such a cute baby!

Taylor said...

great photo's, love her expressions in the ones where she is wearing the "precious" top, cuteness!

My Name is JACY said...

This made me chuckle out loud:

"Isn't she adorable?!
I could just spread her on a cracker!!"

She is SOOOO adorable! I love babies!

Just happened upon you.. glad I did! Eager to follow along and get to know you better :)

Loved your post to your dad btw :)

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