Sunday, June 17, 2012

To the Best Gift A Girl Could Ever Be Given: Dad

To my Dad:
The most selfless, hard-working, patient and loving man I know.
Once upon a time there was a little girl.
She had a mom, a dad, a big sister and little brother.
The little girl grew up, very loved by her whole family, and she loved them.
She also loved to dance.
When she was very little, she would dance around the house to the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack.
Her daddy taught her how to dance. 
He would pick her {and her baby doll} up, and they would all dance around the room together.
It was a grand time in the kingdom!
He taught her how to have fun.
When she got a little older, and would sometimes not understand things, he would pick her up, put her upside down and help her walk on the ceiling. 
He gave her a different perspective.
He taught her how to see things from other points of view.
The little girl would get very excited when he came home at night from building things around the kingdom.
She would stand at the top of the staircase and wait for him to walk through the door.
When he would, he would glance up and say, "Hello, Punkishine!"
The little girl would light up and jump from the staircase in to the safety of his arms!
He taught her how to fly.
The dad worked very hard every day. Always making sure there was enough food for everyone and that everyone in the kingdom was happy!
Everyone loved the dad, and he especially loved the queen!
As the girl grew older, she watched her dad very closely, studying every move he made.
For when the time came, she knew she would want to find a man just like him.
Many a gentlemen came to call, but each time, the girl refused.
For none of them held the courage or integrity that she had grown up with all her life.
Then, one day, a knight came along that possessed the character that she so easily recognized.
They fell madly in love and the knight asked the dad for her hand in marriage.
The dad was very sad, for the knight lived in a far away kingdom.
However, he knew that the knight could be trusted to take care of the princess.
So on a day of much rejoicing and some sadness, the two were wed.
The dad had one last dance with his daughter.
It was the time of their life!
They said their farewells and as the knight and princess rode away, the dad knew that he need not worry, for her had taught her how to fly. ♥

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Thank you for being the best demonstration for what a man should be.
I love you so much and so wish I could be there to celebrate in person!


And now....for your viewing pleasure....I present to you: The Dad Life

Seriously peeps, where would we be without our dads?!


Angie said...

I Love this! So Cute! I'm your newest follower :)

Lucy McCracken said...

I looove your beautiful and touching post about your dad! You are truly blessed to have such an amazing father! BTW the video made me laugh :) Happy Tuesday!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This was amazing! I seriously wanted to cry snot bubbles I love this Marcie! Love!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ha. ok, I was going to write something really nice and sweet ... and then I read Dusty's comment. now I can't quit laughing. but honestly ... you are such a great writer. not to mention HOT in a wedding dress. and you and your dad ... melts my heart.

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