Friday, June 15, 2012

Lucky like a four-leaf clover!

Howdy folks!
Okay, wait...that was a weird opening after being MIA for the last week.
Let's try again.
Hooooooooowdy folks!
Two years of Oklahoma living and I still can't pull it off.
Maybe one day I will.
One day I'll be able to say that phrase as cool and suave as my dad does when he answers the phone.
"Howdy, this is Mike!"
Yep, he really says that.
What makes it even better is that my dad's name is Mike Jones {like the rapper}.
And this Mike Jones {the original, of course}, says "howdy"!
{For more "howdy" talk, refer to the bottom of this post.}
Do you really want to know the best part about having a blog?? You can post as many pictures of yourself as you want and no one questions why or thinks you're weird. Sometimes, if you're having a good hair/makeup/clothes day, you need evidence. That's what blogs are for. Or at least, that's what my blog is for. Evidence that I wear more than just sweat pants.
Speaking of my blog....we are feeling quite lucky and lovely today!
Lissa over at The Looking Glass nominated us for The Lovely Blog Award!
We are both {the blog and I} so flattered! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lissa! We think you and your blog are lovely and we are most definitely kindred spirits! :)
So, in order to accept this award, I get to share 15 of my favorite blogs {and ladies behind the blog} with you as well as seven facts about myself! These girls keep me inspired, laughing and totally entertained! Check them out!  

{1} I only like my coffee out of a cup. Not a mug. 
Call me crazy, but I can't stand the taste of coffee in a mug. The insulation in the mug completely sucks out the rich and bold taste that coffee brings to my life. Plus, when the lid is closed, the coffee has no place to sweat except inside the coffee! So essentially, you're drinking coffee sweat. And I don't know about you, but I like my coffee sweat-free! Oh, and one more thing, mugs are rarely if ever as cute and cozy as cups! :)

{2} I'm a closet song-writer.
There's total sarcasm in this statement because no, I don't write songs. I can't even hold a tune. I'm truly tone-deaf. But, I CAN do a mean lip synch and air guitar! When I say I write songs, I really mean I change the words to songs that exist and sing them to husband. Sometimes he loves them and most of the time they make both of us laugh....really hard! Maybe I'm a closet comedian?!

{3} I prefer my nails & toenails au-natural.
Now this one is mostly due to my laziness. And my germaphobia. After working in a dermatology office and seeing wayyyyy too many pedicure induced infections come through the door, I'm paranoid about even setting a tip-toe inside those salons without knowing their complete bleaching history! And since my nails grow so fast, I feel like I would have to change my toenail polish weekly in order to keep up! Hence, the nakedness on my hands and feet. I don't have the patience to keep up with it all the time. But every once in awhile, my girly side has a major flare up and you'll catch me with a little bit of rainbow on my fingers and toes! So I guess this one is maybe a contradiction in itself? Story of my life.

{4} I get obsessed with one phrase, and then use it over and over and over...until it dies!!!
Ha! Okay, that sounded superrrr gruesome! But that's kind of how it feels. Currently, my phrase is "cray-cray" instead of saying "crazy". Old phrases include and are not limited to, "homie don't play that" {thanks, Heather} and "I will cut you". Not sure most of them are ghetto-gangster, but I just roll wit it {lean wit it, rock wit it}. Maybe I'm a closet rapper?!

{5} I've been skinny dipping & streaking more times than I can remember.
I've also been caught streaking and skinny dipping more times than I can remember. I guess that means I need a better watch dog?? Ha! Seriously though, there is no more feeling of being "alive & free" than when you're running around in your birthday suit! Haha! Totally my favorite! I make it my goal to induct every single one of my friends into the so-called "club"! But I have yet to induct husband. He thinks that's too wild and free for his tastes. I'll get him one day.
You all know it's on your bucket list...get crackin' girl!

{6} I name inanimate objects.
Yep, pretty much everything around our house has a name. The cars. The bikes. The phones. The trees. I'm kind of like Pocahontas in that way {even though I'm totally Belle in real life}. I think everything has feelings. When we were trimming trees the other day, I felt so sad...almost guilty....with all the tree limbs laying around! It was like a mass murder and I was the perpetrator! I almost wanted to cry! Husband says it just means I have a big heart.

{7} Rodeo Queen
Last but not least, I spent the early years {i.e. jr. high and high school} being a real live rodeo queen! Me and my horsie were quite the team! Our summers were spent in long sleeve sequin shirts, tight jeans, silver and gold plated buckles, and of course, big hair to match the big hats! And I just had to share pictures...mostly because they look like they were taken 20 years ago when this was still in style:


Alana Christine said...

I've actually never been skinny dipping! But it's on my list! haha
One of my friends from college is a state rodeo queen right now. Definitely cool that you used to be one!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I used the phrase cray cray so much my 7 year d said mom shut up. I am only allowed to say the dogs are cray cray now. I never get anything for myself. Lol! Love ya Marcie! Thanks for the shout out! Love it!

Lyndsy said...

Marcie, I having been using the crap out of "cray" and "cray cray". I get weird looks all the time. I proudly accept them all! :)

Mindy said...

Oh Marcie you're such a wing nut!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

aw thanks for the shout out! love the photo!! you're the best :)

Amanda @ tales from a FAR said...

AHH! I totally say "I'll cut you." And "Cray-Cray". How do you feel about "Amazeballs"?

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