Saturday, November 10, 2012

All My Single Ladies

I think I've mentioned to you before that I'm a walking contradiction.
Tis true.
You want to know why?
Because I love snow, but hate winter.
I'm always cold, but still continue to order iced mochas {and wear my coat while I drink them}.
I love dressing up and being girly but {seriously} HATE washing my hair. {Seriously, guys.}
I'm anti-social but when husband forces me out of my cave, you better believe I'm the crazy one in the center of all the laughter.
I love cooking, but rarely have the energy to make it happen.
I want to travel the world as a gypsy but have a house to come home to every night.
I want to finish my degree but have zero direction on what degree to pursue.
I like the idea of a career but would much rather be a stay-at-home mom to my dog-childs.
I say for months how homesick I am and then when the opportunity to move back presents itself, the actual going through with it freaks me out!
When will the madness end?!
Feel bad for the poor man that has to live with me.
Sorry, husband.
Good thing he loves me. 
And good thing I got him to put a ring on it. 
{Just an FYI for all my single ladies out there, the way to get ^that^ to happen is to endlessly sing Beyonce songs to him until he really does put a ring on it. Oh, and hide all the craziness until he's locked in for life! Ha! I'm totally kidding. But seriously, sing the song. 
And a little wrist action can't hurt.}


Kjerstin (The Way I Am) said...

I know this is no surprise to you buuuut we are basically the same person. I love your face and starting today I am only going to quote that song to Shane until he really does put a ring on it. haha! Love you!

The Adventurer said...

Okay - first of all - WELCOME BACK!!! I missed you and this bloggity blog.

Second of all - we are literally soul mates. Literally. If this posit doesn't solidify it I don't know what will. Now grad an iced latte and get down here so we can talk about Disney Princesses and African babies, okay!?

Sam said...

So this is the best little post i've read all day lol and i totaly agree with you and understand fully. i love iced coffees and i just take a jacket with me so i can have one lol


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