Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Long Drives and Serenades

Husband and I took a drive this weekend.
A long, romantic drive.
The ones where you hold hands and no words are needed.
But words were spoken, because let's face it, I'm a girl!
That's when the sweetest thing happened....
One of the most beautiful songs of all time came on to serenade our drive.
Things just sort of hushed and we squeezed each others' hands a little tighter and listened to the sweet sound of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love".
Naturally, you tend to remember the treasure you were given in each other.
Husband took it one step further.
During the song, he said "I just got the feeling that God wants us to know that this is His song to us."
Tears came to my eyes, because I knew it was true. 
And I knew that God was right there with us in the car.
That moment, that song, was instantly turned to one of very, intimate romance.
Not just romance between a husband and wife, but romance between an ever-loving, never-giving-up-on, knows-just-what-to-say kind of God and his two little kids.
The kind of God that sees exactly where you are, knows every ounce of fear you're feeling about the next step, and knows that despite all those things, you're stepping out and putting all your trust in Him. 
It's in those moments, that that sweet, gentle Jesus shows up in the car and whispers of the lengths he'll go to reassure you of his love 
That, my friends, is true romance!

My prayer is that each and every one of you reading this will experience a moment of romance just as intimate as this with the God who is not mad at you, but madly in love with you! Those moments are the ones that can not be made up or manipulated by emotion, rather, they are made up of the reassurance that your life is full of potential and purpose, never to be taken away.
True romance.


Sara said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Definitely made my heart smile! I'm glad you and the hubby get to share sweet moments like this, and I only pray for more in your years to come. ;)
PS - how amazing is that Adele song?!

Kasey Lynne said...

i loved every single part of this post. so beautiful!!

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