Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{so long}, exotica...

It happened. Finally. After all I've done to avoid the situation, I had to go through the dreaded undertaking of getting a new phone number. {Bleh!} This was a sad occasion for many reasons, a few of which I will discuss in detail as I mourn my old phone number.

Reason #1: My new phone number begins with an area code other than 801. {tear}. Pathetic as this may be, I loved having a phone number with an area code different than the place I was living. Not only was it a
great conversation starter, but in my mind {a place full of crazy thoughts and ideas}, it made me sound more exotic! Imagine this, you're at the check-out stand at your favorite boutique finishing up your purchase when the sales associate asks, "Can I please have your phone number?" Being an ex-sales associate, I can tell you already that they've entered in the local area code and are just waiting for the next seven digits. But wait, I'm not from around here. My phone number is ten digits, not just seven. I begin, "Eight-zero{always say zero, not just "oh", it adds to the exotica}-one....." and I precede with the next seven digits. The conversation begins. This is because of two reasons: One, because the sales associate has to delete the area code she's already put in, thus frazzling her so much to the point that she forgets any number that just spewed from your mouth. Two, because you've peaked her interest. You somehow seem more cultured, exotic in a way. You're not just the typical shopper, you're an out-of-town shopper that may have more insight in certain aspects of fashion than just the everyday person. Like I said, conversation starts and I get to tell someone else the {amazing} story of how I came to be in the state I am. Is Utah exotic? Probably not to most people, but it's part of who I am and I liked that being part of my phone number. I'll move on to my next point now.

Reason #2: I have to go through my phone and individually text each person and let them know I have a new phone number. My text may sound something like this, "Hey! This is Marcie and her new number! Don't ask me why I had to change because I'm still in the grieving stages and may go postal at any moment." The end. "Why don't you just group text?" you might ask. Well, I would, but this feature is currently not working on my phone due to the new phone number messing everything up. {Sigh}. And finally,

Reason #3: Honestly, after this whole venting session, I can't remember what my third reason was going to be. It may have been something about the whole 'what-if-someone-tries-to-call-my-old-number-but-can't-reach-me' kind of thing. I don't know. But I do know I miss my old phone number. RIP 801. You were good to me for many years. Seven years to be exact. I'll miss you.

But in other news, Matt and I are moving to Tulsa! WHAT?! Yes!! That story with details will be coming soon! Right now I need to go to bed because the next two weeks will be a whirlwind of packing and goodbyes! I'm not good at goodbyes so keep us in your prayers!

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Denice Erway said...

Great post! I too, have a different area code than most. I pretend I am still there...ha! I totally relate. I also have to say that I am not good with goodbyes. When Matt and Dana moved, he simply text me a message from the gas station down the road saying he was already gone. So, I won't avoid you, but I won't go through some long drawn out good bye either! You have been such a bright spot in my life, if only for a short time. I expect great things for you! And who says, Tulsa isn't exotic?

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