Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I just realized I had forgotten to post this after I wrote it...oops! My B! Haha! So please pardon the time lapse as you read some of my ramblings! :) Oh and also, please excuse this picture of Piper....she wanted to get in on today's blogging action!

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm feeling as turkey-hungover as ever!! Somewhere between my bed and the living room couch, all motivation ceased to exist! So today has been filled with lots of time with Piper and Lola {my two sweet puppies} and old, girly, romantic movies....the kind I can only watch when I'm either alone or in the company of another girl! My special guests were Judy Garland and Tom Hanks. Romance was going strong!

Matt and I were able to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year, once with my family last week and again with his family yesterday. We both feel incredibly blessed to have such great support groups!! So, in the order of Thanksgiving traditions, I thought I would talk about the thing for which I'm most {very} thankful for! I'll give you one starts with "M" and ends with "att"?!  Our first year of marriage brought so many unexpected twists and turns....some that would tear most couples apart, but I can honestly say that I have never felt closer to this wonderful man! I read something today that said, "The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before." I really couldn't agree more.  I think today's society enter into marriage so lightly that when the bumps in the road do come, they automatically assume it's the other person's fault and jump ship. Definitely not what God had in mind when he designed marriage. Marriage is a team effort and some days you have to make a choice to love the goopy-eyed, vermon breathed, frizzy haired mess that's laying next to you {poor Matt....Sleeping Beauty wasn't my favorite princess for a reason!}. Anyway, today I was reading some of Matt and I's first emails to each other. They contained all the usual get-to-know-you questions along with a few epiphanies and dreams. We had the world figured out and our lives all planned...funny how much we DIDN'T know! Haha! I think if anything, these past couple years have taught me how to "let go and let God". Granted, I'm still in the middle of learning that and there's been plenty of kicking and screaming along the way, but I am learning. Nothing panned out like we had planned, but we can only put our hope in the fact that God does have our best interest in mind and he is faithful. Some days it's easier to do that than others, but luckily when one of us is feeling down the other is there to help bring the other one up. We're a team. And a pretty good one at that! ♥

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Countrylivn' said...

Really nice post, you two are a darling couple!

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